Are You a Real Woman?

I really hate the term ‘real woman’, it’s basically a term that seems to categorise women who aren’t professional model build, generally over a size 14, curvy and usually short. I’ve just gone on a rant about this, having seen a brand do a shout out for models of a size 8-10 and over 5’9 for a photoshoot, instantly it’s attacked by people who don’t fit the criteria, saying that they should use ‘real women’. Despite this brand always using a variety of models in sizes 8-20, they are still attacked as it’s not seen as fair. I hate this, people complaining at this saying that girls in that category aren’t ‘real women’ is actually an insult. I am a freaking real woman and I do have curves, you don’t have to be plus sized with massive tits to constitute as a real woman surely?


Who came up with this term? They need a kick up the ass, it’s just another way to make women feel concerned about their bodies. Why can’t we all just be happy and and healthy and not concerned about what body type, category or number is on your clothing sizes. I’m naturally tall and slim, but I still have curves, I’d kill to have more curves and being tall can be a complete pain when it comes to meeting men or buying clothes, but I’m happy with how I am. I feel the term real women is thrown about without much thought by those who aren’t confident in themselves and I would just like to publish this post to get people to think about what being a women is actually again.

Women are strong, beautiful, caring and get to play with fashion and make up to get that confidence kick. We’ve gone through so much in history, it seems a shame that the modern woman is so bogged down worrying about her size. If you love yourself, others will love you too, not matter what shape, size or height you are.

Here’s some of the awesome tweets I got on the issue…

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It’s been a while since I had a rant, I hope you find it interesting and most importantly I would LOVE to read what you think about the term ‘real women’ and what you think the modern day woman’s views on body image are!

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7 thoughts on “Are You a Real Woman?

  1. I LOVE this post and rant! It is so true!
    All women are ‘real women’ despite their size and it should never be about weight or size! You should embrace yourself for how you are and love yourself for just being you.


  2. I really could not agree more with you. It’s such a shame that the majority of this ‘real woman’ talk is from women towards other women, be it in the media or just random comments. As you said it is in fact a huge insult to those who are naturally tall and thin, or those without curves and boobs and I think it is a term that is used without much thought. It is such a shame that society (not all, but some) just can’t seem to grasp that women – and men – come in all different shapes and sizes, something that doesn’t, in any way, make them more or less of who they are.

  3. Oh god, the term ‘real women’ makes me physically shudder. I understand that larger women want to inject some positivity into how they are perceived and it really is beautiful to be bigger and have curves. But “real women”? How is insulting another body type a positive action?

    I am slim, and utterly resent not being considered a ‘real woman’. I’ve got the female gene and, tellingly, a fricking vagina. Whether a woman is straight up and down, no boobs, no bum, size 20 and curves all over the shop, we’re ALL REAL WOMEN and I’d thank ladies not to make themselves feel better by insulting me.

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  4. So true. I am naturally small and thin and am as real as any woman!

  5. I wonder how models feel when they’re told they’re not “real women” just because they are genetically blessed in a manner that is currently in fashion? A few hundred years ago being bigger was in fashion since it suggested affluence and fertility.

    All women are “real women” regardless of age, race, weight and a hundred other factors. My biggest problem is simply when clearly unhealthy body shapes at either end of the spectrum are celebrated. Anorexia and morbid obesity are equally dangerous and instead the focus should be on healthy body types, a good diet and just moving more, whether that’s dancing around your living room or running a marathon! We are all in control of making the best of ourselves and our “real” bodies!

  6. “You don’t have to be plus sized with massive tits to constitute as a real woman surely?” As soon as I read that I think I switched off from a valid argument and started thinking you were reacting in just a bad a manner as those you were ranting about. What you’re saying is true (that anyone is a real woman,) but you’ve undermined what you’re saying by re-enforcing the negativity around larger women that caused the phrased to be used in the first place. Everyone should learn to respect everyone else and stop being negative – regardless of size or shape.

    From someone with ‘massive tits’.

  7. The “real women” issue has never bothered me before, but I was reading that same thread you were and quite frankly I find it insulting that just because I’m a size 6-8 and am not curvy I’m not a “real” woman.

    I did not choose to be the size and shape I am, I don’t diet and I don’t work-out, this is just the way I am, so why am I not a “real” woman?

    Personally I prefer to see curvier women used in advertising, but I still love my body the way it is, it’s my natural body shape.

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