Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist Review

So, facial waters seem to have been one of the buzz products in beauty for a couple of years now. I’ve not tried many, as to be fair I haven’t really understood the point, since most of them are just fancy water in a spritz bottle. However, I’ve been playing with a few since being sent this one from Balance Me and I think I get them now.

Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist Review British Beauty Blog Jayne's Kitschen

The Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist contains 99% ingredients from a natural origin and is made entirely in the UK, which is so rare these days. Previously, I’ve not been too fussed about Balance Me as a brand, the packaging doesn’t pull me in so much and the first thing I ever tried, their Rose Lip Balm was horrible and it turned me off the brand completely.

Balance Me doesn’t contain any nasties either, such as sulphates, pegs, petroleum, pegs, artificial fragrance and colours. So this makes it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or just those with concern over what they put on their skin.

Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist Review British Beauty Blog Jayne's Kitschen

I love the bottle of this one, it’s frosted glass so feels like quality. My only complaint is that this is the sort of product that I would love to carry around with me, but with it being glass it makes it a little less practical. Anyway, onto the actual contents of the product!

This facial water has some lush ingredients: rose, pineapple, neroli and hyaluronic acid (a fantastic hydrator). The Balance Me Face Mist has a great pump action which spritzes a light and even stream of product, making it very easy to apply. The scent is divine, uplifting and refreshing and the texture of the product is super light weight and leaves the skin feeling fresh and toned. I’ve been using this over the top of my make up for a fix and a uplift, but it can also be used as a conventional toner.

At £20 a bottle it is pricey, but with rose based products it’s a high price you’ve got to expect. I would totally pay for it again, it’s a lovely product. I would totally recommend it.

Have you tried anything from Balance Me? 

What facial waters do you like to use?

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2 thoughts on “Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist Review

  1. This reminds me of the Botanics Spritz I bought last year, it’s really refreshing and lovely and a bit cheaper than this one (and in a plastic bottle!) The ingredients probably aren’t as great but it’s perfect for hot days and popping it in your bag! Worth a go if you like the idea of spritz’s!

  2. This sounds perfect for summer, especially with hyaluronic acid in it. x

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