Outfit Post: Spontaneous Photoshooting

This entire week has been insane, unlike any other week I’ve ever experienced. So much fun, so much time with friends and so much spontaneity, it’s been amazing. Anyway, on Sunday I was organised and took some photos of my outfit before I headed out so that I could bring you another outfit post, however, it soon turned out that it wasn’t necessary!

After a lovely afternoon of cocktails and food, my friends and I were wandering back to Waterloo to head home, slightly tipsy and enjoying the glorious sun. As we headed home, we got stopped by a group of photographers wanting to take our pictures. Being polite we agreed and me, being slightly tipsy said I’d hang around for the rest of the evening since I had nothing better to do. Ended up modelling with the group for the rest of the evening and got some great images from the shoot.

Jayne J Read Jayne's Kitschen Model Outfit Post Vintage Sunglasses 1960s 1950s Southbank London Lighten Up and Shoot Peter Urban Scot PhotographyPhoto by Peter from Urban Scot Photography

So, the bright orange hair dye I had in my hair has faded significantly now, so I’m back to a strawberry blonde colour. This photo was taken on Southbank, posing in front of an old fashioned ice cream truck. The owner gave me a free ice cream after the shoot. Win! The sunglasses are vintage, from Tramp Vintage in Brighton. Make up wise I’m wearing Oriflame Neo Chic Lipstick in Bright Pink with Illamasqua blusher in Lover.

Jayne J Read Jayne's Kitschen Model Outfit Post Vintage Sunglasses 1960s 1950s Southbank London Lighten Up and Shoot Peter Urban Scot Photography

Photo by Peter from Urban Scot Photography

My dress is a gingham shirt dress from H by Henry Holland from Debenhams. It’s short, but it’s very pretty. I added a brown belt instead of the white one it came with to match my boots. It’s got pretty white lace flowers around the shoulders and a nice full skirt. I’m wearing a flower wreath that I got from New Look last year for super cheap and just haven’t gotten around to wearing, I love them, just such a simple way to brighten an outfit.


Photo by Peter from Urban Scot Photography

Ok, so this dude that I’m posing with on the bridge is Mikey, a totally awesome American who runs a photography blog called Lighten Up and Shoot, he’s also the organiser of the lighting workshop that I ended up modelling for. So much fun, in fact everyone was awesome. In this shot you can see my beloved Cambridge Satchel and the shortness of this dress!

Photo by Peter from Urban Scot Photography MikeyPhoto by Paul of XCIV Images

And I had to finish on a daft photo! I’ll add some more photos are they come through to my Facebook page if anyone is interested in seeing them.


Photo by Paul of XCIV Images

I had such a great day being spontaneous and being a yes girl! I’m so pleased that I’m jumping at opportunities since the separation from my husband, I’m having a lot of fun and am very happy. This was perfect timing too, as I’m really keen to start modelling regularly again and would love to collaborate with more photographers for shoots for the blog, so if you know anyone, please get in touch and we can discuss projects!

What do you think of my outfit?

What do you think of the shoot?

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4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Spontaneous Photoshooting

  1. Awesome to see the blog post – I am so glad I asked you if I could take your picture – what an adventure 🙂

    1. I’m so glad too! Thank you Peter, met some wonderful people and the results are excellent, I’m very grateful. Catch up soon no doubt!

  2. These photos are so great Jayne, especially the ones with Mikey. You guys make a great team!

  3. Great photos. Love the pretty dress and hair accessories.

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