IMATS London Make Up Show Saturday 22nd June 2013

This weekend has so far, been insane as well as being some of the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. I’ve had fellow blogger and make up artist, Andrew James (Andii) staying with me, so we’ve been having so much fun doing make up stuff and investigating London. It was the first time Andii had been to London, so it’s been amazing to be part of the first experience.

Andii and I took SO many photos I can’t fit them all here, so I will upload them to my Facebook Page soon.

As expected, IMATS was ridiculously busy and did stress me out. However, this make up on the Make Up Forever stand made me very happy, it’s SO pretty. Love the layering of colours and textures, totally magical. She had body painting and costume to match too.

Here’s the beautiful Thomas, who we met on Friday and on Saturday. I love Thomas’s look, he’s making the most of make up without looking too over the top. Amazing eyebrows and circle lenses, totally looking like an Anime character and a little bit reminding my of Illamasqua’s David Horne. DSC_2950Oooooh Kryolan! So many pretties, we saw them in the Charles Fox store in Covent Garden on Friday too, but couldn’t resist taking this snap of all the pretty glitters. Overwhelmed by choice, so I didn’t buy anything. Kryolan is a super old make up brand which is made in Germany, the origins of the brand is in theatre and cabaret make up. Kryolan also manufacture Illamasqua if you didn’t know that already. Pretty darn cool.


I was super happy to bump into Siobhan from A Girl and a Beauty Blog. We used to hang out when she lived in London, but now she’s somewhere further away, I never get to see her anymore, so it was awesome to say hello and grab this snap. You can also see her in my and Andii’s latest video too, which I’ll link at the bottom.


How amazing is this body painting on the Make Up Atelier? I was so amazed by all the super patient models wearing hardly any clothes all day and posing for a gazillion photo and being prodded in inappropriate areas all day. Respect to you all!


Here’s some of the beautiful Make Up Atelier lip palettes, one of which I bought. Andii recommended this brand to me, they also do eye palettes in this same format. A great way to try out a new brand, which is professional quality. I’ll review what I bought very soon.

DSC_2906We also bumped into the the amazing Brogan Tate, who I can’t believe is only 19! She’s amazingly lovely, confident and talented. So pleased that we got to chat.


My lovely blogger friend, Karla Powell was very busy on the Crown Brushes stand and all day was working hard to recreate her amazing Pop Art look for the audience. Here’s the finished look, Andii took an amazing photo of it. I love the finishing touch of the KAPOWELL comic book flash and the blue contact lenses. I love Karla, she’s an amazing person and super talented. I can’t believe how many people wanted to talk to her too, I’ve known Karla for a few years and found it very weird to queue to speak to someone who I consider a friend.


Here’s my rocking a blogger fist, in style, of course. This is especially for the fabulous Gemma from Flutter and Sparkle. Andii is doing my make up and sometimes my hair every day that he’s here, I’ll blog each look in some more detail very soon. I think I’m going to have lots of wonderful material for my blog. I look drunk here, I wasn’t.


We also bumped into (or was sneaked up on) by the super sweet Sascha from Beauty Geek. I get to see Sascha every so often, which is great, she’s lovely and always really friendly.


Love Make Up were there, looking stressed and busy. They were selling two of my favourite brands, Lime Crime and Sugarpill. I was super tempted by the Sugarpill Pro Palette, which I’m pretty sure will come into my life at some point in the future. I was hoping to get some of the Lime Crime palettes, but by the time I had gotten there they were all gone. Sad face. Was cool to see the Zodiac Glitter in real life though, they are just loose glitters, so wasn’t sure if I would use them.DSC_2904 DSC_2903

One of the best value things that I spotted were the huge palettes at Crown Brushes, this bad boy was only £23. I bought one of the others myself, which will be reviewed in due course. I also picked up a couple of brushes too.

DSC_2902Me and Andii are vlogging everday, so check out Andii’s YouTube channel for the first two videos and a goddam haul video, I hate the word haul so feeling slightly cringey to be involved in one.

Did you go to IMATS? 

What’s your favourite professional make up brand? 

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5 thoughts on “IMATS London Make Up Show Saturday 22nd June 2013

  1. Firstly your hair looks amazing and I’m so jealous I really wanted to go this year, but sadly I’m broke. Some people are so gifted and it’s great to see their work celebrated.

  2. I wanted to go this year but had a job that started out as a half day shoot and turned into a two day shoot.

    It looks like you both had a fab time 😀

  3. #bloggerfist FTW. Take me next year!

  4. Great post – loving the pictures! Was so great seeing you and hopefully it won’t be so long until I see you again =) xx

  5. You/ your hair look AMAZING. Looks like you’ve had a fabulous time 🙂

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