Mahogany Hairdressing Hanover Square London Review

I was in serious need of a haircut this month. I have been colouring my hair myself for about two months now, putting all sorts of shades of red and orange on my hair and even trimming my own fringe. My DIY fringe trimming had caught the attention and annoyance of quite a few hair stylists this month, to the point I realised that I really, really, really needed to do something about it. So, when I was asked to pop along to Mahogany Hairdressing, just off Hanover Square in London, there couldn’t have been a better time. Here’s the before shot, you can see how dodgy my fringe had become, oops! Lots of split ends too and generally looking a bit out of control….

Being invited to a salon in an expensive part of London, such as Mayfair always makes me a bit nervous. Am I going to feel out of place? Is it going to be pretentious? And how awkward will it be to be a scruffy mid-20s girl in a ridiculously rich and different world. I’m pleased to say that on arrival at Mahogany Hairdressing, it wasn’t awkward at all. A sleek, clean salon with a bit of a vintage vibe going on with the decor. The staff were welcoming and friendly too, so no awkwardness here. I really do generally hate going to hairdressers, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling, so it’s always a damn good start when you get a warm and relaxed welcome.

It’s always so important that you have some kind of spark with your hairdresser too, you’ve got to like their own style and be able to have a good chat and I’m pleased to say that in hairstylist Jack, that was present. It always puts me at ease in a hair salon when you’ve got that spark with your hairdresser. It’s also an added bonus that he was kind of cute and may even be straight too! Too much information for a hair salon review? Oh well. The assistants were also lovely. As part of my visit I also received a Moisture Kick treatment, a thick conditioner like blend that is applied to the hair and left to work its magic before it’s washed out. After all the hair dying trauma my hair has gone through I really needed this for my hair.

I told Jack, the hair dresser about how crap I am at hair styling, so was looking for something a bit different but was easy to manage. So, Jack cut my hair in a zig zag section to add natural shape, volume and movement without much styling effort. I’ve not seen this before, so it was really interesting to see if in action. And how pretty does the star shape sectioning look? I also decided I should see the return of my short fringe, I like having my hair be a statement, I’ve never had it so bold until this year.

Right, first off. Now that I’ve got a short fringe I totally need to sort my eyebrows out! Looking odd without any definition. But yes, the cut is lovely. I love the sharp, smooth fringe and the layered hair cut means that I have a edgy cut with lots of movement and shape without any effort. It’s taken a lot of weight off my hair and made it much more interesting. I love it. Really impressed with the salon’s relaxed, friendly environment and the sleek decor. Jack, the stylist was lovely and friendly (and cute) and did a great job with lots of attention to detail. I would totally go back and would recommend to anyone.

What do you think of my new hair cut

What’s your favourite place to go for a hair cut?

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4 thoughts on “Mahogany Hairdressing Hanover Square London Review

  1. I love this new look! The red shade really suits you.


  2. Directions Pillarbox red?

    If so, SNAP 🙂

    I love your fringe.

  3. Looks lovely Jayne, although yes you do look like you’re missing something now we can see your brows! I’m intrigued by the zigzag cut – never seen this before and I like the idea of it adding movement for the styling-inept like me 🙂

    1. I can draw my brows on again! YAY! I’ve missed seeing my brows, they are however, in some serious need of attention.

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