Hyper Japan Event Summer 2013

Just got back from my second trip to Hyper Japan. If you don’t know what Hyper Japan is, it’s a bi-annual event at Earl’s Court celebrating everything Japanese: cosplay, video games, kawaii, sushi, geishas, all sorts. There’s stands for fashion, beauty, anime, manga, food and gaming. If you’re into Japan, you need to get yourself here!

This time, I popped along with my super awesome friend Amy from Dolls Are United, Amy’s also the founder of fabulous fashion store, Mod Dolly which I reckon you should all check out. We spent ages wandering and saw so many awesome things, we could have spent a flipping fortune. Here’s my snaps…

 Cute kawaii, ice cream and lolly plushes from Art Box…

DSC_3021 DSC_3022 DSC_3023

This stall sold only weapons. Random I know, but pictured here are some pretty damn kick ass replicate swords from video games from games such as Final Fantasy and Devil May Cray…


Some flipping amazing cosplayers, I would love to get involved with this but they must spend a freaking fortune on these super authentic costumes…
DSC_3025 DSC_3027

Oversized acrylic jewellery from Candy Geisha…DSC_3029 DSC_3030

All kinds of crazy bits and bobs from the lovely Kactus Kawaii.

Hair bows and dinky acrylic pieces from Neon Vixen/ Electric Sheep


This lovely lady was demoing Geisha tradition…

More beautiful cosplayers and Lolita costumes…DSC_3035

DSC_3038 DSC_3039

Bits and bobs of beauty stuff, I love these pastel coloured brushes…DSC_3041 DSC_3042

My favourite cosplayers of the day, how adorable are these two?


And this duo of Final Fantasy cosplay is just flipping epic!


This is what we ate, it seemed like a good idea at the time but it was a bit greasy and we had no idea what most of it was. DSC_3050

Cosplay parade, I want their wigs!DSC_3052 DSC_3053 DSC_3054

I could have spent so much money, but these are the little things that I did pick up. The ring is from Kactus Kawaii, the earrings are from Electric Sheep and the totally kick ass scarab beetle necklace was only £20 from the incredibly talented Typical Freaks, who had a whole range of stunning bits and bobs.

Have you ever been to Hyper Japan?

What do you think of Japanese culture?

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1 thought on “Hyper Japan Event Summer 2013

  1. I’m glad you had a good time Jayne, but something you said really rubbed me the wrong way. You referred to Lolita as ‘costume’, Lolita is culture not costume and should not be referred to as such.

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