My Single Friend Speed Dating Event at BrewDog Shoreditch

As some of you will know, I’ve been online dating. Since I was with the same guy since I was 16, I’ve never dated, so once we split up it was one of the things I was excited to try out. I’ve been on a number of dating sites, which I’ll be writing about in more detail soon. Last week however, I attended my first ever dating event, hosted by Sarah Beeny’s dating site, My Single Friend. The concept of the dating night follows on from the website’s idea of getting your friends involved with your dating, in the hopes that it takes some of the awkwardness out of it.

The first of their events was hosted at the awesome BrewDog bar in Shoreditch, with a free drink for all attendees. Yay! The idea is that you come to the dating event with a friend, they can be single or taken. You then pair up for your speed dating experience and you work with your friend to find the perfect date. The format is pretty much the same to the standard speed dating event, in that you spend a set period of time on each table and then move on, rating the dates as you go. However, there was one flaw in this layout, most people brought friends of the gender which meant it worked, but I brought a single male friend and that didn’t fit the format of the event. The idea was that girls stayed sat down and the guys move around, when you’re with a mixed gender friend, one of you has to sacrifice their speed dating opportunity, which is a real shame. However, it was their first event, so hopefully they’ll find a way around this next time!
My Single Friend BrewDog Shoreditch Speed Dating Event London Jayne Robinson Richie Spence Matt Read

All attendees are given coloured wristbands to indicate whether your single or taken, which takes out any awkwardness too. Yellow for single and purple for taken. On your table you’re also given a list of ice breaker questions, a scoring sheet for taking notes and little call cards for passing on your number with. Below are the notes that my single friend, Joseph from Unlimited by JK wrote for me. Unfortunatly for me, despite being in the coolest bar in East London this event was mostly banker types, so not really my sort of guys. However, we found four guys who I would date, I’m now in touch with them all on social, but nothing has happened. So sort of successful.

After the speed dating, me and my single friends (L-R: Matt @FoxSaidWhat, Me, Joseph @UnlimitedbyJK and Rich @richiespenceuk) continued our night out elsewhere, so overall a very fun night. Although this wasn’t the perfect dating night, it was certainly a good taste of speed dating, I’d totally do it again. I love the idea of My Single Friend too, teaming up with a friend really makes it more fun, helps you with some judgement and certainly makes things a little less awkward if you’re feeling nervous, the only downfall was confusion about table one (people at table 17 didn’t know where to go) and that it didn’t accommodate mixed gender friendship couples, but I’m sure this is something that will fixed for the next one. I’ll be signing up to the My Single Friend dating site soon, so will come back with my feedback on that once I’ve had a play.

15sIf you like the look of my single friend above, let me know, they are all awesome dudes and would love to play matchmaker!

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