Reasons Why London is Awesome

I know most of you will know this blog as a beauty blog, but that was never what it intended to be. It’s just a place for me to be creative and share anything that I like. The beauty theme came along when I started working in beauty and now that I’ve gotten divorced and am doing so many things that I’ve never done before, I know the blog will evolve again. I’m sure I’ll continue to write beauty reviews, as I will always love doing this, but I hope you don’t mind that it’s going to be a whole mix of stuff from now on.

Today, I’m visiting family up North, before my sister and I head to Leeds Festival on Saturday, although I love to catch up with family, every time I come back to the place I grew up it reminds me of how lucky I am to be in London and how much I love our capital city, so I thought I’d write a little post about why London is the place to be, would love to read some of your reasons too, or if you disagree, tell me why.

There’s so many people here!

The London population currently stands at over 8 million (according to the ever reliable source that is Wikipedia) that’s ALOT of people everyone. That means the variety of people is huge too, you never know who you’re going to meet and what kind of stories you’ll hear. If you’re looking to make amazing friends, meet the love of your life or just enrich your life with a whole bunch of oddballs, you’ve got the best chance of doing so in London. When you go out, no matter what group of friends you go with, you’re always going to meet someone new that you click with. It’s so fun.

Can you spot @brewdoglucy?
Can you spot @brewdoglucy?

You’ll never be bored!

Yes, as with all cities it can feel lonely in London sometimes, even if you live with people. However, there’s always something interesting going on in London. No matter what your taste, style or interests are there is always something to do. There’s so much going on that when I try to browse Time Out, I just get overwhelmed! You don’t even need money to have fun in London, all the best museums are free, we’ve some awesome parks and even window shopping in any of the boroughs is fun.

There’s so much personality!

I love how each part of London has it’s own unique personality and vibe. You could quite easily never leave London and still have enough within the boroughs to keep you entertained. It’s like when I head to Camden, it’s so vibrant and quirky that I feel like I’m not in London anymore, then I pop over the Spitalfields and it’s another vibe altogether. There’s a part of London for every taste, style and mood, how awesome is that?


There’s some awesome opportunities!

I’ve been very lucky that I’ve had some pretty awesome stuff happen in my life. When I was in Leeds, I wrote for magazines, modelled and was a freelance photographer specialising in burlesque. However, it wasn’t until I moved to London that things really kicked off. Moving to London took my blog to a whole new level and allowed me to finally start a career. In the last month alone I’ve had some of the best opportunities in my life so far and these would never have turned up if it wasn’t for London and the people I’ve met here.

You can be yourself here!

No matter what your quirk is, there is always someone weirder in London. This means you can feel confident to dress, act and be yourself in whatever way that might be without having to feel self conscious. Sounds like a superficial thing, but being able to feel truly free in the way you express yourself is so empowering. And now I am starting to sound like a tool.


Here’s some awesome London things that have happened to me…

  1. Started a career in a sector that I was actually excited about
  2. Allowed me to take my blog to the next level by networking and attending events
  3. Met the most awesome group of friends I’ve ever had
  4. Regularly hang out on a ship on the Thames
  5. Met an actress from The Walking Dead
  6. Partied into the early hours and been able to both get food and get home easily and safely
  7. Gained the confidence to get on with life and do what I like
  8. Got to go to Lovebox and Hyde Park to see Ray Davies for free
  9. Met numerous beautiful, awesome people who have given me amazing chances and experiences in life
  10. Be happy to go out of the house dressed however you like, knowing that no one will be bothered by it, there’s always someone weirder


I did a shout out on Twitter for other people to tell me why they love London and here’s some of the high lights…

@HeatherRoonie said: ” History! Music! Museums! Markets! Craft beer! Pubs! Culture! Cycle friendly! Coffee! Independent…everything!”

@Girlterate said: “Because you can travel UNDER THE GROUND. Like, DEAD FAST.”

@Miss_PaulaB said: “You don’t ever need to leave London, I know most people don’t. Everything you need is in one place.”

Do you love London as much as I do?

What’s the best thing about where you live?

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3 thoughts on “Reasons Why London is Awesome

  1. I love the fact that people can be themselves and it isn’t weird… I love the uniqueness of London though I do miss the north xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  2. Hi 🙂

    I agree, I totally can rely on your post, I could have said everything you said!
    I am French and I used to live in Paris where everyone think it’s magic and the life is fantastic.

    But it’s nothing like London, this city is my number1 and I fell in love with her at the first sight!!

    London just makes me happy, there is a happy and easy going atmosphere in here.

    And, so far, I couldn’t it anywhere else.


  3. Great post.

    I’m hoping to move to London in the next 6-12 months, and this post just made me want that even more. Can’t wait to live in a city that never sleeps. 🙂

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