Designosaur Dinosaur Printed Tights and Acrylic Jewellery

Thought that today I would get back to the roots of Jayne’s Kitschen. When I started I liked to share interesting and unusual brands that I found on my adventures. So I’m going to start sharing some of them on a regular basis. In addition, I’ve also been working on my Alt & Indie Business Directory which I’ll add to as I find new stuff. If you think of a brand that should be in there, let me know! Today I want to share with you some awesome dino inspired fashion from cleverly named brand Designosaur. They don’t design exclusively dinosaur related wares, but it’s definitely their bread and butter.

Here’s their standard (although there’s nothing standard about it) dinosaur necklace. Beautiful cut wooden designs with lots of detail and with lots of different dinosaurs to choose from. Priced at around £25, they are a totally awesome investment and very competitive with other similar styles out there.

dinosaur wooden skeleton necklace from designosaur YEAHMy favourite new thing from Designosaur at the moment though it these totally kooky printed tights in a selections of kick ass colour ways. I love bright tights in cold weather and the addition of the dino print seam just adds that perfect amount of quirk. These are my two favourite colour ways currently for sale on their Etsy shop, but there’s lots of others to choose from too.

dinotights dinotights2If dinosaurs aren’t your thing (are you mad?!) they also make other strange designs, the current line up includes Lichenstien inspired pop art pieces, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (obviously) and this rather awesome monkey necklace, that reminds me of Toy Story. I love it.



Designosaur are a Brighton based company, you can find them at lots of craft fairs and indie gift shops or on their awesome homepage or Etsy shop.

What do you think of Designosaur? 

What are your favourite indie or alternative brands?

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1 thought on “Designosaur Dinosaur Printed Tights and Acrylic Jewellery

  1. I love these!! I am not a huge jewellery lover – usually just wear the pieces that mean the most to me, but every now and then I bust out a more stylish piece and this is exactly the kind of thing I look for!!

    Was really nice meeting you wednesday by the way!

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