How I Keep My Red Hair Vibrant

I’m so glad I decided to dye my hair red, I’ve always loved bright hair colours and now I’ve been various shades of red and orange, I don’t think I’ll go back, it seems so natural to me to have bright hair. Ideally, I would love to have pastel or blue hair, but I’m terrified of bleaching my hair. My hair is naturally quite frizzy and dry, so I know that if I was to bleach it it would just wreck the condition and wouldn’t look nice. I’ve managed to find a perfect solution that allows me to have bright hair without harsh bleach and without damaging my hair. Lots of people have asked too, so thought I best share my little trick.

I’m no hairdressing expert, but here’s what I do to keep my hair bright red or bright orange…

1. Dye with Permanent Colour

You need to create a base that will hold a bright shade, so instead of bleaching my hair I dye it a copper or red permanent colour. I’ve used a few different ones, Garnier Nutrisse Intense Copper, L’Oreal Feria Paprika Power and Live Colour XXL Real Red. You could use any permanent hair colour in that colour spectrum though. I wanted my hair to be bright orange with L’Oreal Feria Paprika Power, I would have continued using just that if it was, but it really didn’t have the same impact that I thought it would have.

feria2. Tone with a Semi Permanent Fashion Shade

I used La Riche Directions hair colours, which you can pick up from Amazon for about £5, but you could also use Manic Panic, Crazy Colours or Colour Restore Deep Red (which you can get from Boots), these are just super bright colour pigments and there’s lots of shades to pick from, my favourites have so far been Tangerine, Pillarbox Red and Dark Tulip (even though it stained like mad) from La Riche Directions. These dyes are super conditioning and I put these on top of the permanent colour to add the vibrancy, you can also use these products to top up the colour whenever you feel like it’s looking a bit dull. You could also mix a bit with your conditioner for ever wash, to keep the colour bright.



3. Wash Occasionally with Colour Shampoo

So many of us feel like we need to wash our hair every day or every other day, this really isn’t necessary. Everytime you wash your hair, particularly when you have semi-permanent shade on you’re strip some of the colour (and some of the natural oils of your hair) try washing your hair less frequently, I’ve found it keeps my colour brighter for longer and actually keeps my hair in better condition all around. Get yourself a shower cap, then you can still shower without getting your hair wet! I also always use a colour shampoo, my favourite so far has been the Bumble & Bumble one, but I also love Tigi Bedhead for Red Heads.

4. Researching Your Shade

As with all cosmetics there’s a ton of swatches and reviews on the internet, Lily from Beauty’s Bad Habit told me about the website Hair Dye Gallery, which has lots of photos of bright shades on different hair types, so you can get an idea of what to expect, I found it super useful to help me decide which Directions hair colours to buy. And so that I can help you out a little, here’s some of the shades I’ve been, each has been over the top of a permanent copper shade….

My favourite so far, La Riche Directions Pillarbox Red, a true bright red


La Riche Directions Tangerine, a true orange, here it was over the top of Garnier Nutrisse Intense Copper

The most exciting shade, which reminded me of Vimto, but stained EVERYWHERE. La Riche Directions Dark Tulip over the top of Feria Paprika Power


You can find Directions hair dyes at various independent stores, think goth or hippy stores and quirky hair salons or if you want the easy way you can find Directions Hair Dye on Amazon

Do you have any questions about bright hair?

What shade would you most like to have your hair?

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4 thoughts on “How I Keep My Red Hair Vibrant

  1. I use Directions Pillarbox Red 🙂 I’m allowed to have bright red hair at work but not pink or purple, how weird’s that?

  2. I had my hair bright red up until yesterday 🙁 I’ve gone back to being a boring brunette….lol I give it a month until I’m dying it again….I’m thinking purple next time x

  3. […] been dying my hair red and orange shades for about 7 months now, I wrote a blog post about how I maintain my shade if anyone is interested. I normally use bright fashion shades from La Riche Directions. London based […]

  4. Wow! It looks amazing, and these tips are great! I’m toying with going bright orange… this has made me want to to do it even more!

    Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters – A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

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