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So, as some of you will know, I’ve been doing online dating for the past six months. I’m not really looking for anything in particular, just enjoying the experience. I love meeting people and as a digital fan, I’m intrigued and interested by how people behave online. I’ve been on a number of dating sites, which if you’re interested in I can blog about another time.

Anyway, as a girl on a dating site, you can inundated with messages all the time, 90% of them are just weird. So, I decided that I ought to document them, they were bringing so much joy to me and my friends that I set up a Tumblr blog. Initially I was going to keep this anonymous, but since I recently completely forgot the password to it (and the associated email address) I can’t add to it anymore. Sad times. So, I’m going to share it with you here, right now…

It’s not ground breaking, there’s lots of similar sites, but here’s my Online Dating Cringe Tumblr, enjoy!  There’s a couple of pages of stuff, you can turn the page at the bottom of the Tumblr blog.


Here’s some of the general themes of online dating messages that have been winding me up, let me know how many of them you recognise….

  1. The use of Take Me Out style puns e.g. let the kitten see the cream. Not as funny or as original as you might think.
  2. When people send messages entirely in txt tlk and tlk lk ths, this is always wrong.
  3. Messages that only say “How are you? x” or “Hi”, they just don’t inspire you to reply at all.
  4. Dad jokes.
  5. Marriage proposals or references to it, especially inappropriate when to someone who is currently getting divorced.
  6. Cut to the chase sex propositions, at least attempt conversation first!
  7. Cringey chat up lines e.g. “the only thing your eyes haven’t told me is your name”

Have you tried online dating? 

What cringey stories do you have to share? 

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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6 thoughts on “Online Dating Cringe

  1. I just had a gander at your tumblr page. How hilarious! Some men are clueless. x

  2. Ahhh I tried online dating . .and I lasted 1 month! The messages and the ‘propositions’ were just too much!! And the blokes I was coming across . . w e i r d!!!!! :/ Have vowed – never again! lol

  3. Oh Jayne!!!! If we ever meet up I’ve got tons of stories for you! I was doing online dating back in 2001. I met my husband James online though so it’s not all bad.

    Unfortunately most men confuse dating site with ‘adult’ site. They assume that because you are online you will of course will talk dirty and send them pictures of you ‘pleasuring yourself’ while they in turn are doing the same. The amount of random pics I received of erect members as it were could go in an online diary.

    James was one of the few that didn’t go there or anywhere near there. Enjoy yourself and be safe – you’ll always have something to laugh about trust me!

  4. This was just too good.
    When I was trying it most of my awful messages revolved around “is your hair a wig” (I had at least 10 of those…seriously it’s a bob people, how does it look like a wig) and weird questions about the way I dress “Do you want to be my 1950s housewife?” being the one that led to a tirade of abuse from me….
    Almost tempted to try it again now, just for the humour factor…

  5. I met someone online once, he was 2 hours late (can’t believe I waited) and when he arrived he couldn’t stop dribbling/slobbering (literally). When I declined a second date he changed his profile to describe how he hated asian girls lol x

  6. Oh god I don’t think I could cope with being single and going through all this now haha!
    A few of my friends are on POF and the men there are just complete sex pests! x

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