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So, most of you will know that since splitting from my husband I have been busy exploring online dating. Having never really dated before, I’ve been enjoying meeting new people and playing with online dating sites. I’m in no way trying to find a new relationship, but have found the whole experience extremely entertaining and have met some truly awesome people (and a few odd ones too, naturally) Thought I’d share some more of my experiences with you all and do a little series about some of the dating sites that I’ve been using. Today, I’m going to tell you more about Tinder.

Tinder is a mobile phone dating app, which links to Facebook. It pulls in common friends, interests and photos. You can edit your photos within your profile to choose your favourites and can also add a little extra text to your profile, here’s a little screen shot from mine….

Tinder pulls in matches by location, so it always brings up people who are nearby and you can tweak theses settings within the app, you can choose what distance away they should be, their gender and age range. It’s nice to see that this app does give you the option to select men and women, so many dating sites don’t allow that, so for all those bi-sexual people out there, this is pleasing. Once you’re all set up and ready to play, you get a screen like this (sorry Lluis, you’re my victim for this post)…

It shows you their name, age, how many mutual Facebook friends you have (if any) and how many shared interests on Facebook you have as well as a main profile picture. You can then swipe left if you’re not interested or swipe right if you like them. If you need more information, just tap on their photo and you can find out more. It’s essentially a hot or not principle. One of the perks of this site is that you can only receive and send messages to people that you’ve had a mutual match with (so you’ve both swiped right to) this means you’re eliminating a lot of crap messages, that you would normally get on other sites.

imageWhen you swipe right on someone who has also swiped right on your profile you get this screen, to let you know that it’s a Tinder match, you can them send them a message. The main problem with the messaging on Tinder is the boxes are small and the layout invites short messages, which isn’t ideal. When you prompt short messages you tend to get dull and not very useful messages, usually it’s along the dullsville path of “Hi” and “Hey”, which personally I can’t stand. Unless it’s from a super amazing looking person I’ll generally ignore those types of messages. I don’t enjoy the messaging set up on Tinder so if there’s someone I’m interested in it usually moves to text or Facebook instead. However, there haven’t been many success stories for me on Tinder so far.

Tinder1The main appeal of Tinder is that it’s fun to use, often on a night out my phone gets stolen by my attached girlfriends so that they can play with it, but it’s certainly not a site to be taken seriously. Another thing that annoys me about Tinder is if you swipe past someone they are then gone for good, you can’t go back to their profiles, so there’s been a few occasions when I’ve accidentally swiped pasts someone awesome and never been able to find them again! Devastation! The other problem is that it doesn’t tell you people’s height and being a tall girl, this is not ideal, as it’s not often something that comes up in conversation so you never really know what height of person you’re going to meet. I would like to say that height isn’t too much of a issue for me, but that would be a lie, I’d always much prefer someone who was the same height or taller than me.

Overall, it’s a great fun app, I’m going to continue playing with it, but wouldn’t say it’s the best app if you’re looking for a serious relationship, it’s purely about the fun with this one. I would also imagine that the format of Tinder is quite similar to gay dating app, Grindr, which is purely a hook up app. So with that in mind, I’d be aware that there’s probably a large percentage of Tinder members just looking for fun, which is fine if that’s what you’re after, but isn’t for everyone. It’s a great idea and design, but is definitely about the gamification rather than any serious dating element.

I’ll be blogging about some of the other sites I’ve tried very soon, so watch this space!

Have you tried Tinder?

Which dating sites have you used?

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2 thoughts on “Dating: Online Dating with Tinder

  1. Tinder is pretty big now, I’ve had a few people to tell me to get it so I have! I think you’re right though, more of a game than something serious, it is quite fun and additive though.

    It also goes to show how important a first impression is, as how long do you actually look at the pic before swiping to the next one?

    I’ve tried Plenty of Fish too, but to be honest, I’m not that keen at online dating, lots of effort for no reward. I think my reply to message rate must be a maximum of 1%. Trying to not copy & paste each one, so thinking of something original is time consuming and the return on your time investment is too low.

    Much better in real life!

  2. Looking forward to reading your other dating posts 🙂
    I used Tinder but have to say I didn’t actually go on any dates… just didn’t have any interesting conversations that made me want to meet in person! Just got tired of people messaging the usual ‘hi, how are you?’ and then the conversation leading nowhere or it just being mindless chitter without a date being set!


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