Maison Trois Garcons: Redchurch Street, London

On my second day living in Shoreditch, I met up with my lovely friend Frances, who’s live in this part of East London for quite a while. It was so awesome, to be able to leave the house only ten minutes before our meet up time and casually stroll down to Shoreditch High Street, via Hoxton Square, so happy to be in this part of London now, there’s so much more going on! I love that you can wander down any street around here and discover a totally amazing, unique hidden gem. This time, it’s a lifestyle shop with a fabulous cafe.

The place is decorated with neon lights, vintage furniture and bare brick walls, it looks amazing. In their reception area, they even have a giant red neon Wizard of Oz sign and light fittings shaped like balloons, it’s the perfect balance of kitsch and style.


We went for brunch, so opted for Rooibos tea, which came served is a 70s style glass teapot and each of each got a different contemporary style mug, mine featured the dictionary description of immature, which I thought was very fitting. Milk came served in an equally cute milk carton shaped jug. The tables were ceramic tiled with geometric prints in 70s style colours and the cutlery is vintage silver. I love it, as it was a good balance of old and new, they’ve really thought it out really well. image

For brunch I ordered eggs and ham on toast, because it was a little slow to arrive they gave me extra, which was a nice touch. The dish was smashed eggs, seasoned with black pepper served on organic white bread toast with ham and spinach. The toast was a bit tough for my liking, I think it must have been from a homemade crunchy loaf, so wasn’t soft in the middle, but I think that’s just my personal taste. The ham was very good, thinly sliced and lots of it. Perfect.


Loved the decor in this place and they had a great playlist of chilled out rock and indie, it’s rare for me to go anywhere where I actually know most of the songs that they’re playing, so this also impressed me. I’ll definitely revisit Maison Trois Garcons for lunch or dinner at some point, they had some proper lush looking pastries and cakes that I could totally scoff right now. Oh, also, the stunning Kelly Brook was dining there when we were too, so that was an added bonus. I love Kelly Brook, I should have said hello, but I think she wanted to be left alone, I can however, confirm that she’s as equally lovely looking in real life as in photos.


That’s me with the Immature mug…

Where’s your favourite place for brunch?

Have you been here before? 

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