Fashion Wishlist November Edition

So, haven’t blogged in a while because once again I am without internet at home AND my laptop is still broken. Great. So as a consequence doing normal blogging is proving a bit challenging. So thought I’d try something a bit different for me and create a little collage of fashion related things that are currently high up on my wishlist. If money was no issue I would have already purchased all of these beauties.

I’m also finding this interesting too, as normally these are things I would have admired but have never worn. But since I’ve become my own lady again, away from my marriage and being more adventurous, I’ve certainly become braver with my clothes too. And it all started when I tried on American Apparel Disco Pants as a joke and then ended up buying them and wearing them loads!collageClockwise from the top left, here’s my picks: Tatty Devine Rainbow Necklace, kick ass platform buckles shoes from The White Pepper, stunning Mermaid Leggings from Black Milk, Lazy Oaf x Looney Tunes Bodycon dress, Blue tartan dress from Collectif and heart print crop top from Lazy Oaf.

I used to avoid anything clingy, lycra or short but now I’m happy to wear them and crop tops! I wish I’d known about crop tops sooner, teamed with high waisted bottoms, they are my friends since they finish at my narrowest part. Leggings as trousers I’m still not convinced by but with a short dress or long top, I’ll give it a whirl, especially any of the awesome Black Milk designs. I’m obsessed with blue tartan right now too, Collectif have some awesome pieces in this fabric, I want it all!

What do you think of my picks?

What fashion items make your wish list this month? 

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