My Picks of Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop AW13

The latest designer collaboration for Topshop lands in stores and online from the 21st November and it sees another team up with fashion design duo Meadham Kirchoff for Autumn Winter 2013. I’ve had a good browse of the gallery on the Vogue website and I have to say that about 80% of it is vile and I honestly have no idea who is going to buy certain pieces or how they are going to wear them.

There’s a mix of stories going on but the over arching theme is a 70’s hippy vibe with many of the garments taking on shapes and styles from this era. The prints and colours fall into three stories: there’s a pastel, fluffy clown vibe, red cherry story and a bold witchcraft story complete with plenty of pentagrams. It’s all a bit weird. Anyway, here’s the pieces that I actually like, would wear and might be tempted to purchase from the collection.

LOVE this big and bold cherry print on a 70s influenced shirt, it would look great with denim or I’d wear it with a high waisted red skirt and would happily wear it for lots of different occasions.
Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 14.49.53

I’m very tempted by purchasing a plastic rain mac, they remind me of Paddington Bear’s boots. There’s a really nice one in Joy at the moment which is modelled on a duffel coat. But if you want something louder, brighter and limited edition, I like this one. Plus, it’s got star shaped detail on the buttons. Win.Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 14.50.18

Not my usual thing, but I quite like the eye print in this collection. It’s cartoon, cute eyes as if they’ve been torn off some weird kawaii, pastel coloured teddy bear. This t-shirt would be a simple way to wear this collection, I’d like it with my purple disco pants. Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 14.50.43

This one is the wildcard of the collection. It could be awesome, it could be terrible, I’m not quite sure. I will certainly be attempting to try it on though. It’s the item in the collection that calls out to me the most as being from the Meadham Kirchoff collection. I can’t tell what the fabric is though and it kind of looks like it might be PVC. Interesting. I will investigate this one and report back ASAP.Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 14.50.49

I love this dress shape, it’s really unusual with the attached collared waistcoat over the top of a loose fitting dress in the quirky eye print. I think this is another statement piece that would be easy to wear in many different situations. Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 14.50.58


What do you think of this Meadham Kirchoff x Topshop collaboration?

What’s your fave pieces and which ones make you want to puke? 

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1 thought on “My Picks of Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop AW13

  1. The cartoon eye top I thought was peacock feathers at first – I like this. Not sure about the heart outfit, it makes me think of a Carry On film 🙂 Love the mac, I have a bright green one from Yumi that is quite similar in style. Sam x

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