Things That Have Happened This Year

This year has honestly been mental. It’s been the year for so much change and for so much personal growth, I’ve had a lot of upset and a lot of happiness and achieved a lot of things small and big. Back in June I wrote a list of things that I had done for the first time since separating from my husband who I had been with since I was 16 (that’s 9 years folks!) Anyway, since everyone loved reading that and in the interest of recording life and achievements, I thought I would revisit the subject with a additional list of things that have happened this year that have been significant to how I’ve changed for the better.

There’s a few people I want to thank as well for helping me be brave, face challenges and become a better and stronger person: Matt, Gus, Emma, Sinead, Hayley, Lina, Cam, Frances, Neil K, Liz T, Fleur, Hassan, Gemma P, Gemma W and Jane  for a starter anyway. There’s tons others, but those are the main people that have really helped me this year. Thank you, you’re all amazing.

Hello Kitty Bento Box, because it's cute and makes me smile.
Hello Kitty Bento Box, because it’s cute and makes me smile.
  1. Dated. I had never dated anyone before my ex so this is a mega deal. I’ve met lots of interesting people, had fun, been dumped and learnt a lot about myself. Most of those dates have been via online dating too, which I now feel like is part of my story. I love collecting funny online dating stories. 
  2. Stayed out all night. Before this year I used to have anxiety attacks about going out at night, which meant I hadn’t done a lot of normal going out type things (including drinking) socialising is now a huge part of my life and I’ve stayed out until the early hours a few times now. Sounds stupid, but for me this is a big achievement.
  3. Been to therapy. Not ashamed to admit it either, although it didn’t solve all my problems it definitely help me put things into perspective and learn to deal with change.
  4. Spoke at a conference. This hadn’t happened before, thanks to Luke from Buzzfeed I spoke about blogging and social at the BBC Academy. I can’t believe I had the guts to do it, definitely want to do more public speaking next year.
  5. Made new friends. I’ve had the same tiny group of friends for a very long time, this year I’ve been networking queen and have made so many new friends, many of which are now besties. I put this down to me going out more and not being afraid to talk to randoms.
  6. Tried new things. This applies to lots of things, but the main was food. I used to be painfully fussy with food, which made it very tricky when eating out. Although I’m still admittedly fussy and know what I like, I have been good this year at trying new things. Here’s a few things that I had for the very first time this year and can now say that I will eat: artichokes, calamari, crab, prawns, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, rocket.
  7. Had a style make over. Yes, I’ve always liked different clothes, but it was this year that I really had a make over and actually feel like myself for the first time in about 8 years. First came the fringe, then the bright hair colour and then I started being more daring with my clothes and accessories. I’ve very happy with how I look right now.
  8. Chilled out. I used to be such a stressy person, worrying about all sorts of things. This year I’ve learnt to chill out. Naturally, I’m going to worry about some things, but right now I feel like I’ve got the balance right for the first time ever. I don’t worry about stupid things anymore.
  9. Listened to music. A stupid one I know, but I’m only just now rediscovering my music and finding out about new music. Hence why I’m mainly listening to stuff that I loved when I was 16. I’ve even been going to gigs again and have discovered a love for dancing like a fool on night’s out too, that’s all new to me.
  10. Enjoyed my career. I’ve always been in jobs because I had to, to pay the bills. But this year, I moved to specialising in social media and it really made me happy. I’m about to start a big new job next month, which I’m super excited about too.

So yes, those are the 10 big things that made my year special and helped me get through a tough time.

Here’s to the rest of the year and 2014 being even better.

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3 thoughts on “Things That Have Happened This Year

  1. What a great post. I’m so happy for you! Change can be sometimes daunting but it’s great to challenge ourselves. Very proud of you and glad that I’ve met such a wonderful person!

  2. Wow, it sounds like despite the difficulties you’ve faced you’ve had a fantastic year and come out the other side a stronger person! Well done!

  3. Great post. Really glad things are going well and you’re happy. 🙂 *huge hugs* xx

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