Illamasqua Creators Lipgloss in Culminate and Wanderlust Review

Gosh, lack of internet and a dodgy laptop sure have made blogging a mega challenge. I received the Illamsqua Creators collection back in October I think and I can’t believe that it’s only now that I’m getting around to writing about any of it. The Creators collection from Illamasqua, is a collaboration between the British make up brand and four social media/blogging influencers to celebrate five years of the brand. I’m sure most of you have seen the collection already, but if you haven’t here’s a treat for you.

There’s two lipglosses in the collection, Sheer Lipgloss in Culminate and Intense Lipgloss in Wanderlust. Created by Pearls and Poodles and Munroe Bergdorf, these are inspired by space and the galaxy for two unique additions to the brand collection. They are housed in the usual Illamasqua gloss packaging, plastic tubing with brush applicators, personally I’m not a lipgloss fan, but I’ll do my best to tell you more.

Culminate is a totally lush peach sheer gloss, encasing irredescent and gold glitter pieces. A totally wearable shade for any time, great on its own or layered over another colour. Like I said I’m not personally a lipgloss fan, so for I can’t much deal with the stickiness for a long time and generally prefer a matte lip. However, you can’t deny that this shade is a total beauty. Very unsual but easy to wear.

Wanderlust is on a different side of spectrum, it’s a Intense Lipgloss, so more along the lines of a liquid lipstick. It’s a bold oil slick, bronze shade. The pigment really packs a punch, it produces a solid metallic shade, that you don’t see in very many places. I’m definitely going to wear this in public at some point, however, it’s obvioulsy a brave choice, one that would be more suited to more of a make up artist kit than a regular person.

What do you think of the Creators collection?

How would you wear these shades?

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