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Over the past few months I have done a lot of online dating on a variety of websites, since I hadn’t dated anyone other than my husband before we split up earlier this year, it’s been good fun meeting lots of new people and experiencing dating for the first time. Anyway, since I’ve spent so much time on dating sites now I’ve got a little list of online dating cliches that I wanted to share with you. Please share with anyone who you know who is doing online dating in an attempt to stamp out lame dating attempts and the cliches that make so many guys and girls look stupid on their dating websites.

Wearing sunglasses in every photograph. Yes, at first this makes you look cool, mysterious even. However, when you’re hiding your fave in every single photo it honestly makes it look like there’s something wrong with your face. 
Single word opening messages. ‘Hi’ or Hey!’ are not opening messages, what are you supposed to say back to that? It’s boring and not interesting. Girls get tons of messages, if you genuinely want a reply, you’ve got to send something inspiring, engaging and interesting, it’ll take you thirty seconds to send something that consists of more than one word. However, that doesn’t mean you can just say ‘how are you?’ either.

Writing something about how you’ll lie about how we met on your dating profile tag line. If you’re embarrassed to be online dating, maybe you shouldn’t? I don’t have a problem with it and I’m sure many others on there don’t have a problem with online dating either. SO many people have this on their profile, it’s ridiculous.
Using lines from Take Me Out. Yes, it would be funny if just one person did it, but I’m not joking, over half of the guys on dating sites have some form of let the pie see the gravy associated tag line. It’s not original and it’s not that funny once you’ve seen over ten.
Photos containing so many people that you have no clue which one is the person who you’re supposed to be reading about. Fair enough if you want one or two photos with your friends on your profile, but when your main profile picture and most of the rest are too, it’s flipping confusing. Skip!
Cutting to the chase. Ok, fair enough, some people are honestly using dating sites just for casual sex, which is fine. However, since that doesn’t cover everyone on these sites, it’s probably not a good idea to cut to the chase within your first couple of messages. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of conversation to start things off and then see what happens, also, that way you avoid looking like a complete fool.

Showing off your bod selfies. Once again, something that’s ok in moderation, but you’d be surprised at how many profiles have mostly photos of their bods, bums and more. What’s more is that they are usually grainy quality taken in a mirror. It makes me cringe and I’m actually quite surprised at how many guys have so many of them, I thought it was just girls who were obsessed with selfies.
Photos of Snow Sports and stroking Tigers/Lions. Yes, this is an odd one. I’m ridiculously surprised at how many people who have photos of them skiiing or snowboarding also have a photo of them in some hot country posing with and/or stroking a wild animal, usually a tiger or a lion. I’m guessing these are the lucky sods who have been on gap years, but anyway, it’s a strange online dating cliche.

Are there any online dating cliches that I’ve missed?

Tell me your stories in the comments, would love to hear them!

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