Gourmet Burgers at Haché, Curtain Road, Shoreditch

I’m on a burger mission. Going to spend this year trying out all of the awesome burger joints that have popped up around London and see which one is best. First up on the tour is Haché, it’s a small London based chain and we visited their Shoreditch branch on Curtain Lane.

It’s the least Shoreditch type restaurant in the area that’s for sure. Very classic decor, simple and clean. A bit smarter than Byron, so not the usual greasy burger joint that I love so much in East London.

Love the tuxedo inspired design on the menu cover, which is reflected in the waitresses uniforms. Very cool. They also had wire lampshades with birds in them, like I’ve seen in the Liberty interiors floor.

The burger menu at Haché, aims to be creative and experimental in their flavours. Each burger comes with the choice of ciabatta or brioche bread and the standard garnish of red onion, sliced tomato, roquette and mayo. I opted for mine without onion, because I hate them.

I chose what I thought was the oddest flavour combo on the menu, Steak Louisiana which is a cheese burger with American crunchy peanut butter. Weird right? I wasn’t convinced it would be delicious, but it was.

The fries came in a little wire basket and were super crisp and fresh tasting, https://valtrexshop.com/ winning. You also get a little side salad too, but who wants salad when you have a flipping awesome burger cooked medium rare?!


On the negative side, the customer service was a bit clunky unfortunately, staff weren’t very attentive and a bit cold. They got the job done and in a timely way, but I would expect somewhere with this kind of upmarket atmosphere to have stronger customer service.

Also, the beer selection was a bit weak. I think I’ve been spoilt with all the craft beer around East London, so I’m sure most people wouldn’t care but it would be nice to see more than the usual Peroni and Corona on the menu.

I think I’d visit again for the peanut on a super lush burger again, but would hope for better service next time.

Have you been to Hache?

Have you tried peanut butter on a burger?

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