Skin Woes

Skin is a funny old thing, it’s rare that it behaves itself and can be an indicator of so many other things that are going on in life. Your skin is one of the biggest organs in your body, it’s one of the filters for all of the modern worlds yucky stuff and really does need looking after. It’s also something we can’t hide, so when it goes wrong it can really mess with your confidence and mood.

At the moment I’m quite pleased that my skin is being quite normal, but I wanted to share a story of a time when I had severe problems and how I dealt with it. I’m sure I won’t be the only one with a story to tell and I’d love for you to share yours with me in the comments or on Twitter after you’ve read mine.

I’ve been very lucky that all the way through growing up my skin has been pretty much flawless to the point that I never needed to wear concealer or foundation, which is weird because I’ve never been particularly healthy and it’s not a trait that runs in the family. Mum and sister both get eczema for example. A couple of years ago however, I got the worth acne like lumps and bumps on my forehead ever and ironically this happened when I was working for an expensive skincare company.


You can see in this photo (which was improved by Instagram filters!) the remains of lumps and redness on my forehead and cheeks from a few years ago!

It wound me up so much, they were horrible red bumps just on my forehead, that not even make up could make look better. They were sore too and really knocked my confidence and stressed me out, because I just didn’t know what to do about them. Despite working for a skincare company at the time, I tried everything and there wasn’t much that would make them go away. I thought it might be my shampoo, so I changed that, then I thought it was allergy to skincare, so I changed that and then I thought it was as stupid as wearing a wooly hat too much, but nothing worked.

I took some advice from various people including the amazing, Caroline Hirons and it came out that it could be linked to stress, upset and/or diet. Apparently when breakouts occur on the forehead, it’s an indicator that there’s something going wrong in your gut, weird right? So, I improved my diet and started taking supplements like Magnesium and Fish Oils, I found that cutting out dairy really helped me too, which was interesting. That didn’t solve things straight away, so I came off the contraceptive pill as well, to see if that would make a difference, it didn’t, it just made me moody as hell. It’s crazy how much contraceptive messes with hormones and moods, horrible.

In the end it turned out that it was very much triggered and being irritated by stress. It wasn’t until a few months after I left the stressful situation that things really started to calm down, with a combination of a good skincare routine and improved diet. Unfortunately to this day, I’ve still got some red scarring on my forehead left over from this breakout, but overall I’d say that my skin is back to some state of normality.

Anyway, wanted to share my story to help others out, everyone has skin issues at some point in their lives and for various different reasons, if you are suffering from acne or other problems skin, check out this awesome acne guide written by Courthouse Clinics for some excellent insights and treatment suggestions.

My personal advice is to try removing different possible triggers one at a time to see if you can figure it out for yourself, give it time and if nothing works talk to a professional.

I would also love to hear any skin issue stories and solutions that you’ve experienced, it’s great to share these stories to show that we’re not alone when things don’t go to plan and that there is always some kind of solution along the way.


Written with genuine care and love, enjoy!

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