The Diary of 1999: The Early Years

So, when I was home for Christmas, at my Mum’s new place in Wales, she introduced my to a box labelled, Jayne’s Teenage Time Capsule. Naturally, I had to have a browse and I found my first ever blog, my very own handwritten diary that I started in 1999, written in a fountain pen that I recieved as a gift when I left Primary School. It’s pretty cringe, it’s pretty lame, but I thought It would be funny to share with you some snippets from it, rewritten a little to make them a little more eloquent interesting, I hope.



13th October 1999

“I’ve been at High School for just about a month now! I’ve got used to it now! I’ve made friends who are great and I’ve been asked out by a few idiots. I’ve had two cooking disasters in DT when I put too much salt into the mixture and today when my cakes dipped in the middle plus went over the cases and stuck together so had to go in the bin.”

Yes, as this stage of my High School career, bullying has commenced (naturally) but it was the cake disasters and stupid boys that really bothered me in the early years. I honestly thought you could get pregnant from kissing at this stage of my life, so as any girl with that mind set, I didn’t see the point in risking it.

20th October 1999

I write about a girl bully called Charlotte, she was really nasty to me early on in High School. I name three girls who I’m genuinely friends with but go on a massive rant about this girl and what she had said to me, which in hindsight is pretty amusing that I was so offended by it.

Todays she (Charlotte) came up to my and said just some fashion tips, pull your socks down, roll your skirt up and wear your bag on one shoulder and get rid of those horrible boots” Little did Charlotte know that I had Shoreditch hipster/prepster nailed all those years ago and had pre-empted Britney’s Hit Me Baby style.

However, my reasoning behind not sticking to these ‘rules’ was a bit different as I outline next: “The reason why I don’t do any of these things is because: 1. my legs get cold if my socks are down 2. it hurts if my bag is on one shoulder and 3. I don’t want to get into trouble and 4. I can’t wear high heels because I walk funny in them” Awkward fashionista from a young age, as you can see, all about the practicality too.

I go on to draw a picture of the girl who picked on me as a witch and ask my friends to sign the page if they agree that she’s nasty. Obviously, because that makes a difference to the situation.


13th December 1999

I apparently had a great day this day. However, my sister on the other hand, did not. “Gemma’s hamster died yesterday, she really upset too! I’ve had quite a pleasant day really because we went bowling with school for the afternoon and then we had a PARTY at guides” Yes, I was a Girl Guide and before that a Brownie too. My Mum was even Tawny Owl (that’s one of the leaders if you didn’t know)

30th December 1999

Fancy hearing how I spent my Christmas money in 1999? Well here you go: “I went shopping today to spend some Christmas money. I bout some Love Bug shaped slippers, some new clothes from Tammy Girl: I got some bootleg jeans and a hippy top and a blue fleece. Mum bought some videos and Gemma bought Tomb Raider” My sister was obviously always way cooler than me. I remember that Tammy outfit though, SO well. You can see my illustrations below too. The jeans were pale blue denim, with massive flares with a paler denim triangle stitched into the flare and embroidered flowers on them too. The ‘hippy top’ was weird polyester fabric with a disgustingly bright floral print on it, very trippy. The Love Bug slippers were huge and I used to trip up on them all of the time. Wonderful. At least I liked to stand out back then.


Hope that was interesting? Definitely made me smile, remembering some of those vintage moments. I’ll bring you some more instalments if this one goes down well.

Have you still got any of your diaries? 

What were you doing in 1999?

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8 thoughts on “The Diary of 1999: The Early Years

  1. That’s so cute. I wish I’d saved mine although I wrote them when I was like 13 and decided they were too cringey by 15 and threw them out in embarrassment. I did some drawings too on it, mostly of my cat the the type of shoes I wanted. LOL
    Silly, heh?

  2. Haha love this post! I think my old diaries are in my parents loft. Would love to read them again!

  3. This is adorable, love it!

    I dread to think whats in my “memory box”. Teenage goth kid scribbles, songs about having a party in a graveyard and pictures of wednesday 13 most likley :’)


  4. Aha, this is a brilliant post!! I would occasionally stumble on old diaries and read them knowing I shouldn’t and then spend the rest of the day cringing after ripping the pages into little bits. I hope that never happens with my blog in years to come! :S

  5. I absolutely love this! I have some of my old diaries somewhere, tempted to get them out for a look now. That Charlotte girl sounds like a tween Regina George xx

  6. Love this post! I would love to find my old diary! x

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life

  7. This was precious!! Loved it. I used to re-read my old diaries now and again, but it’s been years since I looked. Most are still in America though. I hope you have a great week ahead xx

  8. […] favourite finds recently. Anyone else keep diaries in their teens? Anyone STILL got them? Jayne at Jaynes Kitschen still has hers and she shares some little excerpts with us. Must get mine out of the loft! Yum! I couldn’t […]

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