Yoga and Voguing with House of Voga

Ok, last week was weird. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m what many would call a skinny fat girl, I eat crap and don’t exercise and nothing changes. However, as I’m getting older I am starting to notice things in my health that I don’t like, so it’s been in the back of my mind for a while to get active, but laziness and lack of finding something exciting to do within budget has held me back.

Then, I met Amanda from Lululemon and after finding out more about her experience and the brand she works for I was inspired to give it a go. It all started with my first ever yoga lesson that took place with Lululemon in the reception of my work, this was the result…


 Weird right? Then I got invited to attend Voga, a fusion of voguing (as in the Madonna Vogue video) and yoga, this sounds insane, so I couldn’t say no, so I headed along and a few weird and fun things happened on the way.

First off, I’m wearing leggings aka stretchy pants, as trousers! Something that I NEVER do. And to make it weirder, I’m wearing hot pink ones, generally my most hated colour ever, these are Lululemon ones, they are a bit special, nice thick fabric and designed especially for exercise.

lululemonpantsOne of my constant pet hates about exercise is that generally you look like shit and it’s very difficult to find exercise clothes that feel fun, comfortable and function, so naturally I paired these uber bright pants with equally loud accompaniments and then I went out in public like this, walking to the venue for Voga in London Fields, East London.


Since it would have been highly inappropriate of me and a major distraction to take photos during the sessions, I’m going to share with you this awesome video by the creator of Voga, Juliet who can explain more about what it’s all about…

I instantly felt excited about Voga when I met Juliet and her fabulous yoga style, I don’t think I ever expected to be taught by such a babe in lycra leggings with a sheer panel up the side at a lunchtime on a Saturday. Amazing!

Class was hardwork and some of it was quite a challenge for me, however the fun 80s vibe to the music and strong poses and voguing inspired arm movements kept me smiling and laughing to myself. It definitely made exercising fun and therefore easier to get through. I felt great post workout and very pleased that I went, totally inspired by Juliet too, she’s a very inspiring lady.

The day after the workout, very stiff, but can already see signs that it was worth it and I’ve already signed up to another session! Here’s me and Juliet doing some post-workout voguing, I don’t think I’ve quite nailed it yet!


 To find out more about Voga and where you can do it in London at the moment visit the beautiful, official website. I’m not on a mega health kick with exercise, thinking that if I can get into a strong routine, I’ll feel healthier in no time! I’ve got three hours worth of classes booked in for this week, wish me luck!

What’s your favourite type of workout? 

Have you tried Voga? 

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1 thought on “Yoga and Voguing with House of Voga

  1. This looks amazing! There are always so many unusual and fun looking classes in London, I do get rather jealous! I want to try lots of the “alternative” yogas but down here in the corner of Kent you’re lucky to find a decent bog standard yoga group. Whinge whinge whinge! I rather want some of those leggings though!

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