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Since I’ve gone freelance officially this week as a social media and blogger relations consultant (among other things, read more here) I thought it would be nice to start featuring a few posts about the industry in which I work and have been working in for over four years officially. So, here’s a social media based post about some of the brands that I think are kicking ass in the social media department and why.

1. Paddy Power

An unexpected one I bet you’re thinking, however, I think Paddy Power’s Facebook page is an excellent example of how to communicate with their predominately male audience. Generally, the social media accounts that I see the most interaction on are the ones focused on females, so it’s interesting to see examples of accounts that are capture the attention of the men.

The majority of their content is focused on sharing topical, funny stuff which is highly shareable and triggers a high level of interaction which ultimately drives awareness of the brand and increases followers. Ensuring their content remains mostly on the topic of sport, they are still staying relevant. They’ve recently set up a online bingo arm to their business, so I’ll be interested to see if their social content in that sector is as engaging.

I don’t get their sports references in the slightest and some of their content can be very sexist, but for their target audience, it appears to be working very well for them.

2. Innocent Smoothies

One of my all time favourite brands, which continues to keep me interested. I adore the tone of voice that Innocent use, it’s whimsical, nostalgic, witty and always fun. Innocent Smoothies are a great example of a brand that keeps the balance of entertaining content and brand related content without ever appearing too salesy.

The use of very short copy attached to awesome visual both user generated, sourced online and branded bespoke content always makes their posts stand out in a timeline. The simple branding of Innocent is also super recognisable without being intrusive and I think this also certainly works in their favour. I’m a particular fan of their bingo and pros vs. cons type bespoke content.


3. Tesco Mobile

One of my favourite social media stories of the year last year, was the highlighting of the awesomeness of the Tesco Mobile twitter account. You’d think that trying to do social for such a bland brand would be so dull, so it’s great to see personality being added to their online presence to capture the attention of a massive audience. They hit the social media news through their use of copy that matched their audience, basically meaning that they would reply to queries in the same style as the enquirer, meaning we saw lots of text talk and slang.

In November, they hit the news when they entered an hilarious Twitter conversation with Yorkshire Tea and Jaffa Cakes, a great example of creating a personality around your brand and having the balls to do something different. You can read all about it here.


4. Original Source

A less obvious case study, but nonetheless a good one. I like the Original Source Facebook page in particular because it shows how simplicity can work, it’s also interesting because unlike the other examples given, these guys are very brand focused, every post is about product.

One of the initiatives that I’ve seen from Original Source that stands out for me is their use of social media to crowdsource new product fragrances and Facebook voting for new products too, it’s a simple method and I’m not sure how much is genuinely influenced by social votes, but either way it works as a great way to engage fans.


5. Black Milk Clothing

Social media can be so valuable for growing business and fan bases, there’s lots of independent and niche brands that do this super well, Black Milk Clothing is a great example of this. The basis of their success is definitely on creating amazing products that fans are enthusiastic about, but it’s all anchored around great interaction on social too.

On their ecommerce website they use user generated instagram photos, using a unique hashtag for each product, to illustrate styling ideas for their garments. This is awesome because it gives fans five minutes of fame, recognition from a brand they love and an incentive to share more relevant content.

Black Milk are also interesting in that they support a large network of Facebook groups, used as forums to connect other Sharkies (that’s the word they use to describe their fans) meaning that the love of the brand is even more amplified.

In addition, the content posted out on their own networks strikes a beautiful balance of entertaining and product focused content that is always on brand. They are also kicking ass at responding to customer interaction and sharing great user generated content.


Which brands do you think are kicking ass on social media?

Which brands look like they need a hand?

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  1. I love Tesco Mobile on Twitter….They are so witty! I always see conversations they have and they make me laugh out loud….

  2. I love the Innocent content! It’s so cute and that transport one made me laugh xx

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