Balenciaga Rosabotanica Fragrance and Clym Evernden Illustrations

Here’s a double whammy blog post for you following on the cute illustration I just posted on Instagram. So, following the success of Balenciaga Florabotanica (once again fronted by the annoying and slightly awkward looking Kirsten Stewart) they’ve released a new fragrance, Rosabotanica, as apparently worn by Kirsten (stupid face) Stewart. I really don’t get celebrity endorsements at all and this one is particularly annoying and I feel unnecessary.

Here’s her stupid face on the advertisement and I just don’t like it. I would not buy this fragrance based on this poster at all, how about you? Although it looks slightly more thought out than the last campaign, it doesn’t inspire me and I don’t first Kirsten at all aspirational. I also think the colour on black and white photography very unoriginal and slightly amateur looking. Anyway, whine over.



Et volia, here’s why they didn’t need Kirsten Stewart to sell this fragrance, it’s freaking stunning. The floral print in modern with a vintage inspiration, the box is sleek and chic and ever so sophisticated, it stands out from the crowd. I know I would be much more likely to pick this up from the shelves based on the beauty of the design rather than the celeb face, what about you?


It’s even more stunning on the inside. Taking inspiration from the original Florabotanica bottle, but this time with a print on it that makes it even prettier. It’s got the interested hidden dipper into the fragrance in that magnificent black and white striped cap. Once again it’s a lovely balance of vintage and contemporary that looks super cool on your dressing table and feels designer. I love it.

I adore the fragrance and much prefer it to the first one. It’s a rose based scent with notes of hyacinth, fig leaf, white amber and pink pepper. To me it’s a spicy rose fragrance, the hyacinth makes it a little powdery and it really reminds me of Lush’s Amandopondo bubble bar, as it has that soapy fragrance that is so comforting. I would confidently say that this is one of my favourite scents at the moment and I will be wearing it daily from now on.


 Now to this dinky little illustration that some of you saw on Instagram. Balenciaga have teamed up with renowned fashion illustrator Clym Evernden who will be on hand in Oxford Street Selfridges on the 13th February to create illustrations for anyone who buys the Florabotanica or Rosabotanica fragrance on that day. What a perfect Valentine’s gift? I don’t have more information on it, but here’s my illustration and you can find out more direct from the store.


What’s your favourite fragrance?

Do you think my illustration looks like me? 

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1 thought on “Balenciaga Rosabotanica Fragrance and Clym Evernden Illustrations

  1. I totally agree. Having her face on a poster (or any other celebrity) doesn’t really make me want to buy something.
    Kirsten is even worse, her photos for Balenciaga look awkward, she always has the same expression on her face… I really don’t see the point.

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