Grubbs Burgers, Brighton

Last week I joined my boyfriend’s band, Grayscale on tour for two days, it was tons of fun. On Thursday we went to Brighton, the weather was horrible so we went on a mission to find a bargain burger after a recommendations from Twitter. A little walk out of the Lanes we got to Grubbs Burgers, where you can get a  burger for under £3. Sounds dodgy right?

It’s got the look of your standard greasy takeaway from first glance, but the bright primary colour decor and simple furniture manages to pull off some retro charm. The menu has loads of topping options to choose and you can add an extra patty to any burger about about £1 more.


The soft drink selection is amazing, all the fizzy drinks from your childhood in one place, I was surprised to see Tango in three different flavours! As well as Dr. Pepper and Cherry Cola. It’s pretty sweet. Everything is made to order and is presented is vintage style brown paper bags, not so great when it’s raining but we opted for eating in anyway.


All the meat burgers are 100% beef, they are thin but they are tasty so that’s the main thing. I went for a variation of the Tropical burger which normally includes bananas, which was just too far for me. So mine ended up consisting of pineapple, shredded lettuce, cheese and peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter on a burger really works, this is the second time I’ve had it. Everything tastes fresh and they are super friendly and happy to customise for you. We also had fries, which were also delish.


So, if you’re in the area, have a little wander out of the way and visit Grubbs for a bargain burger that is totally awesome. Here’s a snap of the band that I took after our meal, should have taken it on my DSLR really as it ended up being one of the best photos of the tour. Dammit.


The burger adventure continues! Where’s your favourite burger place?

What’s the weirdest topping you’ve had on a burger?

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3 thoughts on “Grubbs Burgers, Brighton

  1. Bananas on a burger? That sounds a little weird. I’ve never had something quite that weird before.

    ~ K

  2. Oh my Cherry Coke.. what a blast from the past- love retro drinks, give me cream soda and lilt anyway!

  3. I’d never even thought about putting peanut butter near a burger (even though I LOVE beef satay) until my boyfriend ordered a burger topped with a fried egg and peanut butter the Tuesday just gone!
    He did tell me it was delicious! I’m going to have to give it a go.

    I’ve had bananas on a pizza before, surprisingly delicious!

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