Guest Blog: Bumble and Bumble Thickening Creme Contour

As a beauty blogger, you often get given products that aren’t suitable for your hair, skin type or taste and they often end up going to waste or being passed on to a friend or charity. This is one of my pet peeves with blogger outreach, so this time, I’ve found you a guest blogger to review this Bumble product and what makes it more awesome is that it’s my boyfriend, Miz, over to you….

Unfortunately for men, the long, tangled and lived in hair of the late 80’s and early 90´s only seems to woo a certain type of woman/man, mainly ones with tangled, messy hair and holes poked through sleeves for their thumbs.
This not only created the need for me to actually have  a mirror in my flat , but also provided the added difficulty of figuring out what to do with my hair and which product to put in it, as, let’s face it, their are only so many excuses I can give for wearing  beanies out every day of the week.

One of the main problems I have found is that there are hundreds of products available, most of which are utter shite disguised under eye catching labels. This fries my brain and leaves me blindly grabbing whichever one looks the simplest or brightest (depending on my mood).

Fortunately for me, a few days ago my girlfriend saved me the gut wrenching ordeal of trying to make a decision. She handed me a pale blue box and claimed it was stuff to put in guys hair. I was more than happy to accept.


My main issue with a lot of male grooming products is actually the designs they use, they generally try to either be to macho or come out looking extremely feminine. However I was  pleasantly surprised to find that the little pot of hair product I produced from the box had a simple cool blue design that wouldn’t even make the most macho of men feel embarrassed.

The company name on the other hand (Bumble and Bumble) could change their minds, and the product description “creme de modelage” might leave many creasing their eyebrows and wishing they knew how to speak whatever language it’s written in. It also has “thickening” written on it, which was slightly confusing. But not being too bothered by the possibility of my hair turning blue I followed the suggestion on the bottom of the tub, melted a small amount onto my hands and applied it onto my dry messy hair, hoping to do some kind of variation on the rockabilly look.


The creme didn’t get all sticky in my hands, which was great, however neither did it get very sticky in my hair. This is obviously a good thing if you want certain loose styles that move around in the wind and  make you feel like a 60’s actor driving a convertible. However, when you have thick, longish Latino hair it’s not such a good sign. I kept at it though and was pleasantly surprised to find that it made styling my hair extremely easy.

Bumble and Bumble Creme Contour Creme de Modelage Hair Review for Male Rockabilly Hair

Was it going to stay in place? Fuck no. In fact, it was likely to go back into its unidentifiable shambles as soon as someone walked by. However, it did make it dead easy to get on place and then hair spray and it didn’t seem to thicken my hair in any kind of way…weird.

All in all the product is ace, they keep both the design and instructions for use simple and it makes styling hair easy as pie. On the other hand, they could have made what it does clearer, lost the French and let you know what hair type of worked best with. Sometimes less is more, in this case however a bit more explanation would have been nice.

Miz is in a 90’s influenced emo and hardcore band called Grayscale, he also DJs awesome rock music tunes and writes beautifully on his band’s WordPress site. Check him out via his band @GrayscaleUK on most networks. And there will be more from Mr. Miz very soon I’m sure.

What’s your favourite Bumble and Bumble product?

Have you tried their Thickening range?

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