Honest Burgers, Camden, London

It’s taken me longer than it should have to write this review, because everytime I look at these photos I get hungry, distracted and have to go and prepare some food, which ultimately doesn’t compete with this and then makes me sad that Honest Burgers isn’t closer to my house. Although, it’s a good thing it isn’t because it would make me bankrupt and fat.

Anyway, Miz and I continue our London Burger Adventure and a number of sources have claimed that Honest Burgers make the best burgers in London. So, last week we visited their tiny restaurant just off Camden Market to see if the rumours were true, are Honest Burgers in fact, London’s Best Burgers?

honest burgers review camden london best burger in londonThe menu at Honest Burgers is simple, there’s three variations of a beef burger, one chicken burger, a veggie option and a Rib Man special. There’s a couple of add ons when it comes to sides, but the best thing is fries are included in the price. So for £8 you can get yourself a basic burger with trimmings and generous portion of fries, which is definitely some of the best burger value we’ve seen so far.

The drinks menu is lush too, they have a nice selection of craft beer and some interesting soft drinks too, I opted for Ossie’s Fresh Ginger Beer, which came in a jam jar glass with stripy straw and instantly won my heart. It’s the little things folks, that make all the difference!

honest burgers review camden london best burger in londonI had the cheeseburger, which you can choose what type of cheese it comes with and this is what it looks like. Beef, lettuce, cheese and usually red onion relish, but I had mine without because I can’t stand onions. The bun is super soft and glazed and you can even get a gluten free bun for an extra £1 which is a super nice touch. The burgers come cooked medium rare as standard and it’s the lushest, juciest patty I’ve ever encountered, so full of flavour, I’m actually drooling a bit thinking about it. Just the right amount of toppings too, so far, it’s definitely the best burger in London.

honest burgers review camden london best burger in london

Now, let’s talk about these fries, which don’t cost anything extra and you get lots of. They are special Honest Burger fries cooked in rosemary and are actually the best chips ever, I didn’t think a bit of rosemary would make that much difference, but really I think all chips should be cooked like this. To make matters even better they’ve still got their skins on. Hungry yet?

Service was quick and friendly and the venue is nice and clean. As with most of the Honest Burgers venues it’s very small, so you will have to queue at peak times, but if you can be bothered, it’s totally worth the wait. Alternatively, do what we did and go on weekday at about 3pm, when everyone else has finished eating and you’ll walk right in. So, the verdict? Yes, right now, this is the best burger in London, but we’ve got more to try, so watch this space!

honest burgers review camden london best burger in london

Have you tried Honest Burgers? 

Where do you think does the best burger in London? 

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6 thoughts on “Honest Burgers, Camden, London

  1. Wow the burgers look amazing and my mouth is watering just looking at the chips. I need to get myself to London soon!

  2. Told you so!

    1. You were right, so far! Still more places to try?

  3. Ever since these burger joints have opened up in London, all I want to do is eat burgers and nothing else. Delicious post.



    1. Everytime I see these photos again it makes me hungry. I’m going for a burger again.

  4. Yep I think these are the best in London. Just discovered a new branch near my office though which could be dangerous.

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