My Everyday Hair Styling Essentials

Since I’ve started experimenting with my hair colour so much and since getting a fringe, I’ve had to start getting to grips with really looking after my hair and bothering with styling. So, with this in mind I thought it would be useful to blog about my four essential hair styling products. I don’t use tons but there’s clearly three categories that I wouldn’t go without.

I’m going to skip to shampoo and conditioner bit as that is obvious and to be honest not that interesting. If anyone is interested I’ve been switching between Dermalogica from Pure Beauty and Bed Head Colour Goddess which I pick up on the cheap from TK Maxx, in the most giant bottle ever, it also smells like toffee which is a massive bonus.

Dry Shampoo

Incredibly, I didn’t discover dry shampoo for ages and I don’t know why, because not it’s one of the essentials I can’t live without. Since I started colouring my hair I choose to wash it less to keep the colour for longer and to allow the hair to maintain it’s natural oils to keep it in optimum condition. So, for those inbetween days dry shampoo is crucial for keeping greasy roots at bay and keep hair feeling fresh between washes. In addition, it’s perfect for adding texture and volume to hair when styling, I just pop a bit at the roots and ruffle hair for messy volume.

My favourite dry shampoo that I’ve tried so far it Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo, beacause it’s in a cute cherry print bottle and smells yummy too.


Hair Oil

Generally my hair is in a reasonably normal condition, but after lots of dying I’ve got dry tips. I also find my hair quite flyaway despite having tons of hair. You can use hair oil on wet hair before drying to restore moisture or on dry hair to help smooth out any rough bits. Normally, I would go for a natural oil like Coconut or Argan oil, however, lately I’ve been enjoying Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Oil, you don’t need much either.


Hair Treatment

Sometimes it’s nice to do a hair mask, if I’ve nothing in the house I’ll apply Olive Oil for about an hour before washing my hair. However, there’s not always time to do a pre-wash hair treatment, so I prefer to use a treatment after showering. There are so many leave in conditioner products that are great for boosting moisture and adding other effects to hair. I really love Little Miracle by Naked, it’s an Argan Oil based that I like to apply from the tips of my hair after a shower and dry and style as normal. You really don’t need much of this product to do the trick and it really helps smooth and heal dry hair. I hear it’s particularly awesome for curly hair and afro hair too.


Hair Spray

I’m not great at styling hair, but my usual routine involves faffing with my fringe until it’s perfect and smoothing out any major flyaways, so naturally hairspray is a must for this. I would not normally be fussy with hairspray as even the cheapest one will make a difference and help you achieve what you need. However, when I tried the Ojon Revitalising Hairspray I learnt that you can get benefit from quality. The Ojon hairspray has a pleasant smell and allows you to fix hair in place without any unnatural crispiness, allowing hair to still look like hair.



What are you hair essentials?

What are you favourite products in the above categories?

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  1. I’ve tried dry shampoo and few times but I don’t feel my hair’s that clean using it. Just full of dusty chalk and still quite icky! I have very fine hair though so that might be why. Some good products though 🙂

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