Outfit Post: Bournemouth Beach

This week, I joined Miz (my boyfriend) and his band, Grayscale on a couple of tour dates, I took over their Twitter and Instagram whilst I was there, it was lots of fun despite the weather being pretty crap most of the time and getting home super late. Anyway, yesterday we were in Bournemouth, we got to walk on the beach whilst the weather was bright and Miz took some outfit posts for me in front of the super cute beach huts.

If you know me in real life you will definitely have seen this combination of clothing before, it’s an old favourite. For those of you who haven’t seen me wearing this a gazillion times, here it is for you. I like to colour coordinate, as you can tell here. I recently changed my hair colour too, so here’s it’s first blog outing for you, I can’t tell you what shade it is because it was a complete accident involving bleach and attempting to go blue for the weekend.


The ASOS sale watermelon hat makes another outing, I pretty much wear this everyday at the moment, absolutely love it. The blue hoodie is another new favourite and was only about £10 in the New Look sale, the toggles on this are real, working headphones which plug into the pocket, such a cool idea, except that it looks a bit weird walking around with hoodie toggles stuck into your ears, so I don’t do that.


The giant, super round shades were a gift from Gemma at Flutter and Sparkle and are also from ASOS. My shirt is a nautical themed denim shirt from NW3 at Hobbs which I picked up in their sale a couple of years ago, I love that collection but unfortunately most of the year it’s out of my price range. The red cable knit jumper is 100% cotton and originally from Mango, a shop I rarely find anything in, this is well loved.


Because I find it really difficult to find trousers to fit me because I’m so tall, I tend to stick with shorts or dresses. I was in desperate need of some new denim shorts, but wanted to be thrifty, after totally failing at H&M, nothing at all fit me! I popped into Forever21 and found this pair for only £5. They looked like they were going to be terrible as the fabric is so thin, but after trying on I was pleasantly surprised, total bargain and a nice fit. Tights are from H&M. My shoes are Gola, but look like Vans, they were a bargain from the ASOS sale, about £10 I think and super comfortable, the almond toe shape is more feminine than Vans.


My acrylic duck necklace was a gift from my Mum, it’s from a indie seller on Etsy but right now I can’t remember the name of the brand, I’ll edit and update when I find out where it’s from. My bag is my beloved Cambridge Satchel again, which is awesome and a great investment. The coat is a well loved coatigan from Zara, all the buttons have fallen off, I need to fix it. Thanks again to Miz for taking these photos for me.

What do you think of my casual day at the seaside outfit? 

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  1. love the outfit and the especially the duck necklace

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