Outfit Post: ModDolly Skirt and Cambridge Satchel

OMG! Outfit post with good photos! I’ve wanted to do more outfit posts for ages, but it is so time consuming taking self portraits especially when you’re working full time and don’t have much space in your home for it. So, today, I got my boyfriend, Miz (please follow his band, Grayscale on Twitter) to take some snaps outside my place in Shoreditch to show off an outfit for you and totally happy with the results. Thanks Miz! 


My top is a cheapo from Primark that I got last season, think it cost me about £4, it’s been well worn and looks a bit distressed now, but I like to wear it tucked into things. My mega skirt is from my friend Amy’s shop, ModDolly, all handmade and super cute!


My bag is my everyday favourite, Cambridge Satchel. I love this brand as they are the original brand for brining back this classic design. Red is one of my favourite colours and this is one of my favourite things ever. Such a great investment and it’ll remain a classic for years. I always like to match accessories too, so I’m wearing my Scholl boots that were under £40 from TK Maxx. I love these boots as they have the vibe of heeled Dr. Martens but their slimmer toes are more feminine, super comfy too!


My necklace is Tatty Devine from their sale last year, it’s part of the hot house collection and is a cute 3D ladybird on a palm leaf. I’m in love with this hat too which was only £3 in the ASOS sale, I’ve been wearing it loads, after I spotted it on another blogger on Instagram.

What do you think of my outfit post? 

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1 thought on “Outfit Post: ModDolly Skirt and Cambridge Satchel

  1. Love that skirt and your boots! Everything is so well coordinated! xo


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