Paul & Joe Beaute Glossy Lip Colour in 09

I love the Paul & Joe Beaute brand, it’s got adorable packaging and not only does it look cute, it generally performs really well as well, so naturally, I was excited to try a new product in the shape of their Glossy Lip Colour. I don’t know why I was excited as I know that 90% of lipgloss products I hate, I don’t like stickiness and I don’t really care that much about a gloss finish when it comes to lips. Anyway, let’s see how I got on with this one.

First off, cute vintage French inspired packaging, check! It’s pretty and it’s quality I like it.


Next up, cute vintage inspired tube, check! It’s awesome and it’s what I love about P&J. However, you get to this applicator thing and then it all starts looking a bit weird. They could have gone for the classic doe foot applicator which everyone knows works a treat, but no, they’ve gone for what I can only describe as a flipper. It’s pointed which makes you think it’s going to be good for application precision, but no, they’ve made it too flexible and it just flips and flaps all over the place. I would not recommend applying from the tube with this, get yourself a brush!


Texture wise, I also didn’t really like it. It doesn’t feel expensive like it should, it feel like tinted Vaseline (which I’m not a fan of) it’s slimy, however, not sticky so doesn’t completely loose out. The colour is very wearable, a rose petal pink which is ideal for a natural look but better, it’s shiny but not ridiculous, so gives the feel of a tinted lip balm. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan though, I don’t think I’ll wear it again and wouldn’t buy it, but as I’ve said before, I’m not a lipgloss fan, so maybe lipgloss fans will see some merit in this prettily packaged product?


What did you think of this product?

Are you a lipgloss lover or hater?

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