Miz’s New Business Cards from Simply Print

Good business cards are an essential part of any serious bloggers networking tool kit, it’s a super simple way to promote your site and social networks when you’re out and about (like real life Twitter!). They are also essential if you’re trying to get a job, I’ve always had them and it’s gotten me a lot of useful contacts as well as work. I usually use Moo.com for mine, but this time, Miz tried out another option and here’s what he thought. 

Getting home to packages after a brain numbing morning at work is always fun, instant smile
on my face. After some tearing and ripping out come the new business cards the lovely guys at
Simply Print sent my way.


Now, describing the way a business card makes you feel is a tad hard. It’s a piece of card and as
such doesn’t really make you feel much of anything at all. However, I could have been looking at
a low quality shoddy card which sent me back into a shitty mood. Instead, my smile continued
as I checked out the well finished cards they had sent. They are 400gsm laminated cards, details
on one side and image on the other. The image is very clear and high quality as is the font on
the reverse, even the smaller text is completely clear and legible.

WP_20140314_15_31_42_Pro (1)

Getting them done was easy as pie, the website is really simple, you can either send in your
own designs or use the pre made templates they have. I chose to send in my own design, they
were super helpful via email and got everything done incredibly fast.


Two thumbs up from me.

Miz is in a 90′s influenced emo and hardcore band called Grayscale, he also DJs awesome rock music tunes and writes beautifully on his band’s WordPress site. Check him out via his band @GrayscaleUK on most networks and if you need to hire someone for music, social media or events type things, you can see his info on his shiny new business cards! P.S The photo on the business card was by me! 😉

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