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Skin care is not really a subject that comes up in conversation a lot, at least not with my circle
of friends or unless it is somehow related to taking care of the latest tattoo someone has had carved into them.

So, when Scaramouche & Fandango sent me their face scrub I just kind of sat and looked at it for a while, I imagine the same way a caveman looked at fire for the first time, not quite knowing what to expect or if this somehow made me less of a man in any way possible. But the back of the tub says it helps skin fight against signs of fatigue and considering my recent tour diet and alcohol consumption, this can only be a good thing, right? In fact anything that helps it seem like I’m not constantly hung-over gets two thumbs up from me.


 The tub looks smart, slick matt black with purple lettering and a smaller white description of the product. Its true that if you decide to take this out and about with you your mates might make digs at the purple, but lets face it, they would already be taking the piss at the fact you have face scrub on you, so who gives a shit right?

The description says it contains micro beads and exfoliating prickly extract. Now, I have no clue what micro beads are, but they sound cool as fuck, plus “exfoliating” is a fun word to say. Then there’s the prickly pear. For some reason this just reminds me of the little tubs of baby food you give kids, which by the way, is definitely too yummy to just feed to babies and toothless old retirees.


Regardless, it contains good stuff that helps clean your pores and get rid of all the crap. So, I gave it a go and have continued to do so for the past couple of weeks. Following the instructions on the back of the tub I work the product into my face and neck in circular motions and then rinse with warm water … If you close your eyes and imagine someone else doing it it’s actually pretty relaxing, plus it doesn’t leave you with a guilty feeling when your done.

It still doesn’t come up in conversation with my friends, but it seems to be doing my skin good, so the product stays and gets thumbs up from me 🙂

Know of any other guys diving into skin care for the first time?

I am a string strummer, vocal man and writter @grayscaleuk, any thoughts please tweet me.


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1 thought on “Scaramouche & Fandango Face Scrub

  1. It’s the Bohemian Rhapsody reference that makes me love this product already! Glad you like it.
    Lianne 🙂

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