Outfit Post: Glamourous Dungarees and Lady Luck Rules Ok Russian Doll Necklace

So there were a few fails with this outfit post. 1. We waited until the evening to shoot, so I’m shattered and my make up is looking tired and we’d been to Brighton so I’m a bit windswept and 2. The lighting was weird, so Miz is making a little appearance in shadow form. Oh well! At least I flipping got a blog up, I’ve been so slow at blogging, so super duper busy!


The dungaree, culottes dress is from Glamourous, it’s super soft pale blue cotton with adjustable dungaree straps, side zip fastening and big pockets on the hips. I love that it’s culottes instead of a dress, being a tall girl this gives you a bit more piece of mind and makes it less likely to cause any scandalous accidents. However, they are very short, so thick tights and bit knickers are preferable. Shoes are Gola trainers fro ASOS and Primark tights.


I’m wearing them with a vintage Adidas polo neck t shirt underneath, which I’ve had for ages. The blue hoodie is a staple of mine from New Look. Red Cambridge Satchel, obviously! Here’s a better shot of my beloved Lucie Ellen balloon brooch too, each part of this wooden brooch has it’s own fastening so you can position it however you like, plus it’s handmade by a lovely East London dwelling lady!


And here’s the star of the show! Some of you might remember the online jewellery brand, Lady Luck Rules Ok, it was my favourite brand about ten years ago alongside the early days of Tatty Devine, it’s where I used to save up to shop from and it closed down some time ago, so that the owner, Leona could pursue new venture. Leona now runs quirky thrift store, Thrift-ola, which is marvellous too. But I still miss LLROK and still wear many pieces from it. For a limited time, Leona brought back her name necklaces and I picked up this Russian Doll design, that was always on my wish list but never made it to my collection the first time around, very much in love with it!


What do you think of my mega blue outfit? 

Did you ever own any LLROK jewelry? 

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1 thought on “Outfit Post: Glamourous Dungarees and Lady Luck Rules Ok Russian Doll Necklace

  1. You look great, love the dungarees 🙂 xx

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