Lactose Free Wimbledon Cupcakes with Lactofree #SayYesToSummer

Many people in the UK may think that they are dairy intolerant, which sucks, right? I can’t imagine a life without dairy products, I love them too much. However, many who think that they are dairy intolerant, may just be intolerant of lactose, the natural sugars in dairy products and this is why Lactofree was created. My Mum and sister are intolerant to lactose, but it’s not something I’ve thought about for myself, so was interested to see how switching to lactose free could impact me personally.

Lactofree set me the challenge to try out a Wimbledon inspired recipe using Lactofree products. Here’s what they sent me to inspire the first challenge.


I was going to try out their Elizabeth Cake recipe, but when I spotted the dinky cupcake decorating kit in the hamper they sent me, I thought it’d be more fun to use that recipe as a base for my own take on lacto-free cupcakes instead.


The cupcake recipe calls for butter and a dash of milk traditionally. For my lacto-free version I skipped the milk and used the Lactofree Spreadable instead of dairy butter. I was curious to see how this impacted the cooking process and the taste. I picked up the spread from Waitrose for only £1.30, it’s a blend of vegetable oil and lactose free butter.


The mixing process felt just the same as using another spreadable butter or Stork (which is what I normally use), it’s soft so it’s easy to get a creamy mix from it. I guess the only problem is that the tub is quite small, so for a batch of cakes you easily use up nearly the entire tub in one go, but if lactose free is a must for you, it’s totally worth it.


For the Wimbledon theme, it had to be strawberries, especially to give the strawberry corer a go, which I thought was the most stupid gadget ever, but actually was pretty amazing. SOLD! I’m using it everytime I prepare strawberries now. I also made lactose free buttercream, in exactly the same way as normal but with the Lactofree spread instead of butter and it worked a treat. A dash of Vanilla Extract gave it a boost too. Here’s the end result.



Taste wise, I’d say that it tastes a little less rich than a butter based cake, but it’s a very subtle difference. It was easy to work with the Lactofree Spreadable and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone concerned about an intolerance. If you want to find out more about Lactofree, recipe ideas and more about their #SayYesToSummer campaign check out their awesome website.

For your chance to win a walking holiday to the Peak District complete with a picnic basket and blanket courtesy of Lactofree, visit their Facebook page here to enter the competition.

Have you tried Lactofree?

What food intolerances would you struggle with?

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2 thoughts on “Lactose Free Wimbledon Cupcakes with Lactofree #SayYesToSummer

  1. Your cupcakes look delicious. I love Lactofree. Both the fella and I are Lactose Intolerant, though I’m IBS dependant. Lactofree is a lifesaver.

    Lizzums x

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