Coggings & Co Burgers, Dyke Road, Brighton

So, we moved to Brighton about a month ago now, we were bound to start a Brighton burger adventure as soon as we could, right? Yea, of course! That’s why our first meal out in Brighton since moving here was a burger. Coggings & Co is about ten minutes walk from Brighton train station and a mere five minutes from a house, so it was a natural choice for our first Brighton burger noms.

The unique thing about Coggings & Co is that they only use brands and ingredients sourced locally, from the Sussex county, so you’re going to get the best Sussex has to offer and because of that, super freshness and British food. It’s not an original USP but it’s something awesome to see in a independent restaurant for sure, great to see how they are support their community of growers and makers.

To drink I went for Wobblegate Pink Cider, partly because of the name, it made me smile. It’s pink because it contains crushed berries and you get a massive bottle for your money, which is also a bonus. Delighted to see it presented with a frosted glass and plenty of ice too, a nice touch, although a bit dodgy for my poor sensitive teeth. Anyway, the cider was still, which I’m not used to, so although it was good I don’t think it’s a texture I’d choose again. It’s always fun to try a new brand though!


The burger menu is simple, just lots of strong classics using Sussex sourced ingredients and each burger comes with a side of triple cooked chips, which you can choose to be cooked in dripping or vegetable oil, which I thought was a nice touch. Naturally, we went for the dripping option! I went for their take on a the cheese burger: 6oz beef, coastal cheddar, dry-cured honey-glazed streaky bacon, mustard mayonnaise, salad. And here’s what it looked like, totally impressed with the impeccable presentation.


For £10.95 you get the perfect amount of food. The patty is juicy and the perfect size and all the toppings taste and look amazing. They’ve stuck to their own vibe, bringing together a very British take on the burger, rather than going for the dirty American style burger that is so popular at the moment. I’d have to say this is up there as one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

The venue is simple, clean and bright, a little out of the way if you’re visiting Brighton but awesome if you’re local and looking for somewhere different and off the usual tracks, being out of town it’s not heaving but has a good atmosphere. The staff were super happy and helpful and more than happy to answer questions. Very happy to have this as our local burger joint and would definitely recommend a visit for anyone in the Brighton area. Next time, I’m having dessert!

Where do you think the best burger in Brighton is? 

What tops your burger list? 

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  1. I’ve heard many good things about this place, definitely need to check it out!

    Sophie x

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