#IndieLove: Birchwood Lolly Pops from Little Papa

Independent designers and makers were one of my core focuses when I started blogging in 2009 and although I’m still a massive fan of discovering new brands, ingenious designs and adorable crafts online it’s not often that I share them, so I thought I’d start a series of them, introducing the first one of my Indie Love series.

Yes, the high street is cheap and convienient, but isn’t is far more satisfying finding something unique, made with love and created by a true artist? Let’s make more of an effort to support those awesome little businesses that are hiding around the interwebs and filling Folksy and Etsy up with so much awesome.

Today, I want to share with you this Brighton based find, Little Papa. They’ve got a whole range of cute laser cut wooden items and printed tees, mainly aimed at children, but it’s these adorable ice cream items that I have caught my eye and at just £8 for a necklace or ring and only £4 for a brooch, it’s not only more awesome than the high street, it’s also more budget friendly too.

If these creations made you smile too, give Little Papa a follow on Twitter or check out their website here. And from me, Little Papa I salute you for being awesome, creating beauties that put a smile on my face and things that look good enough to lick. Good job and keep at it!

Have you spotted a indie brand that deserves some love? 

What crafty finds have made you smile? 

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3 thoughts on “#IndieLove: Birchwood Lolly Pops from Little Papa

  1. These are utterly brilliant!

  2. I love supporting local businesses. In Brighton there are so many great, independent brands! These are super cute too!

    Sophie x

  3. The ice-cream cone necklaces are so pretty!
    Laura | A Life With Frills

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