Outfit Post: Blue Gingham and Red Accessories from New Look

New Look got in touch recently to ask me to create my own take on a festival fashion look, this is my first of  a couple of looks that I’ll be putting together using mostly New Look clothing and inspired by the Grunge and Punk eras of festival fashion, taken from the awesome New Look Festival Timeline. It’s interesting to see how certain trends have consistently been reoccurring for festival fashions, namely boho, hippy stylings with a 1970s vibe, so I wanted to show something different.

Personally, the concept of festival fashion is a bit odd to be, because the last thing you should have time for at a festival is faffing about with how you look. I know when I hit Hevy Festival next month it’ll all be about the easiest way to keep clean and warm in the mosh pits (and most likely failing on both accounts). But anyways, if you’re looking for a cute, vintage inspired get up to wear to a festival this Summer, perhaps this might inspire you!


If you’re lucky enough to encounter warm weather at a festival this Summer, this dress is awesome. It’s a lightweight cotton, with a relaxed fit, which looks super cute loose or worn with a belt. With it being short as well it would work over the top of shorts, leggings or tights too if you need the extra layer for warmth, or in my case, to preserve your modesty! I’ve got denim shorts underneath for that! The dress has a bronze zip fastening at the back and two useful, relaxed pockets on the front.

Comfortable shoes are a must too, although it doesn’t have to be wellies! I picked up these Converse dupes from New Look for only £9.99 and they don’t require the same amount of wearing in as Converse, they are instantly comfortable and if you wreck them at the festival they are easy and cheap to replace! LOVE this colour too, can you tell that I like the colour blue?

WP_20140703_18_43_02_ProI’ve accessorized with a skinny red belt from Forever 21 and my trusty Fox Satchel, which you can find at various awesome retailers across the interweb, including Temporary Secretary and Jiji Kiki. Now, check out the squinting on this pic! We picked the wrong time of day for mobile phone photography!

The usual headgear of choice for festivals this century are floral crowns and headresses, which I personally do really love, but in the scenario of a festival, it’s the predictable thing to wear and personally I’d be worried about such a pretty accessory getting wrecked, lost of stolen. So, I’ve opted for a cheaper, more durable cotton bow headband from Accessorize instead, or I’d wear a head scarf for a similar look, this is also a great way of hiding my current hair roots situation!


Sunglasses are obviously a must and once again, I’d prefer to take something cheap to avoid major upset if they get lost/stolen/broken or ruined. These are my current faves and were a gift from Gemma of Flutter and Sparkle and originally from ASOS. I love massive shades, they are fun and these ones have a bit of a 1960s vibe to them that I love.


I can’t go without some fun jewellery too, so for the purposes of this outfit post I’ve whipped out the sparkly ice lolly necklace from the awesome Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, check them out and support a small designer and maker! Similar vibe to Tatty Devine (which I also love) but a fraction of the price and plus your supporting someone little and awesomely creative.


Hair cut and styling from this shoot are post hair cut from Betty Lou in Brighton, a review of which is to follow and I’m wearing Besame Lipstick in the new colour, Tango Red, which I’ll also be reviewing very soon.

What do you think? Would you wear something like this to a festival? 

What era of festival fashion pushes your style buttons? 

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  1. I am a bit in love with that dress! x

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