Outfit Post: Vans, Beyond Retro and Lulu Guiness x Uniqlo

Another outfit post! Wow, you’d think I was a real fashion blogger or something. However, unlike a real fashion blogger, I’m not wearing any current season stuff and the lighting isn’t great. Last week, Miz and I had a proper day off together for the first time in ages, we headed to Brighton Pier for the first time since we’ve lived here and played arcade games and had a wander, on the hottest day of the year! Seriously, never been so hot, especially not in this country.

Anyway, here’s what I wore…


So sad that I killed my short dungarees this month through a bizarre accident with a door handle, luckily an afternoon with fellow Brighton Blogger, Jennie from Hooting Miss Owl lead to a trawl through Beyond Retro (the Brighton one is far less pretentious than the London ones by the way!) and I picked up this cute dungaree dress for under £30. They are a good fit and I love the striped braces on them. The bag is my beloved Fox/Owl satchel which you can pick up all over the internet for not very much money.


I wore a Lulu Guiness x Uniqlo top underneath, which is still going strong and accessorized with my Tatty Devine sample sale lolly pop necklace, a Lazy Oaf badge and my epic glitter shades from ASOS. Check out the view of the beach behind me, can you believe that’s just little old Britain? Love living here.


My new shoes are star printed, blue, classic Vans lace ups, they are higher cut than the lace ups that you see most girls wearing, more the shape of a skate trainer than a plimsol, I picked them up in the ASOS sale for about £30. My socks are Primark specials, only £1.50. The trainers are awesome, I love how they look, but they are in severe need of wearing in at the moment. Here’s to more sunny weather and more outfit photos! Thanks as always goes to Miz for taking the photos for me.

What do you think of dungarees? 

What’s your latest shoe purchase? 

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1 thought on “Outfit Post: Vans, Beyond Retro and Lulu Guiness x Uniqlo

  1. Cute outfit, love the dungaree dress!

    Sophie x

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