#SayYestoSummer Lactofree Smoothies and Shakes

It’s time for my second blog post as part of the Lactofree #SayYestoSummer campaign, you can read my first post which was all about making lactose free Wimbledon inspired cupcakes here. This time, it’s about high Summer and enjoying delicious smoothies and milkshakes without lactose.

This month’s gift included an awesome cool bag, new Breville blender (I needed one since my old housemates wrecked my Kenwood one, bastards), cute milk bottles, stripey straws, some Lactofree milk and bananas, I hate bananas so I’ve replaced them with delicious raspberries for this blog post. Any other banana haters out there?



The beauty of this new Breville smoothie maker is that it’s super fast to use and can crush even ice in a matter of seconds, so with speed in mind I’ve kept my recipes simple for you today (as well as the fact that I’m ridiculously busy at the moment and don’t have much time on my hands). I’ve done two versions of a raspberry smoothie/milkshake today, one was just raspberries and Lactofree dairy drink and the other I added a dash of cocoa powder to make it a chocolate and raspberry drink.


I think the challenging thing with making smoothies without a recipe is getting the consistency to your liking, for this I used a full punnet of raspberries and it definitely made it more like a smoothie than a milkshake, perhaps too thick for some people. If you have this problem you can easily improve things by adding a dash more liquid, in this case a little more Lactofree.


To sweeten this simple raspberry smoothie or to add more flavour you can add a dash of honey or cocoa powder, super easy and something you’re likely to have knocking about anyway.


If you’d like more inspiration on recipes using Lactofree and your chance to win some lovely foodie prizes, head to their facebook page! You can also find more Lactofree recipes and food inspiration over on their #SayYestoSummer website.

What flavour smoothies should I try next? 

What do you think of Lactofree dairy drink?

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1 thought on “#SayYestoSummer Lactofree Smoothies and Shakes

  1. I hate bananas too! I think they ruin smoothies. Your raspberry one looks lovely 🙂

    x x x

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