Vintage Style Hair Cut at Betty Lou, Preston Road, Brighton

So, I’ve been living in Brighton for about a month now, pretty much as soon as I got here I knew I needed to find a hairdresser pronto! Although I’ve gotten quite confident at trimming my own Bettie bangs with Miz’s clippers, the ends of my hair were starting to look quite ratty and although the temptation was there to just trim it myself, I thought it best to get off my ass and find a new salon locally that weren’t afraid of my Bettie bangs and didn’t make me feel super awkward whilst I was there.

I hit Twitter to ask the Brighton community where the would suggest I visited and the most recommended place for vintage style cuts in Brighton was Betty Lou on Preston St, to make matters even better, it’s super easy to get to from my house, pretty much a straight line from my road, awesome.


I booked in online, via Wahanda and got a great deal on a bundle that included a cut and blow dry as well as a gel manicure for only £42. Amazing right? I’m told you can get the same deals by calling the salon direct and they can create packages to your needs to, so you can get all your beauty needs in one go at an awesome price.


I was delighted to be able to meet the owner, Liz and have her cut my hair. She was amazingly lovely, down to earth and I loved hearing her story about how she came to be a salon owner after years of various different jobs. Definitely someone I had an instant connection with, which is always nice and particularly nice since I’m new to the area and don’t know many people.


The salon styling is very cute, rockabilly inspired. It’s not perfect because it’s all been done on shoestring and a lot if DIY by the salon staff, but I don’t mind that, it adds to the indie charm of the place. It’s about the service and the results that are the most important things and all boxes were ticked on that front. Liz did an awesome job on my hair, really very happy with it and loved how she finished it with mermaid style curls.


I had a gel manicure for the first time afterwards, I didn’t take photos of it stupidly, but the manicure, again was very well done and the girl was lovely. It was my first gel manicure and unfortunately for me, it’s not something I’d do again, too much time and faffing and considering I change my nail polish at least once a week the longevity bonus of it isn’t really something I need. I did paint over it and it worked well, but heck, trying to DIY remove gel polish, that’s not fun. Don’t do it.

Overall, really happy with the place and would definitely go back. If you want a non pretentious, chilled out salon handy to the centre of Brighton that doesn’t charge a fortune, definitely check out Betty Lou’s.

Where would you recommend I check out in Brighton? 

What do you think of the finished look? 

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  1. Hey Jayne! I have a home gel kit and the trick to getting it off is to use a nail file to break the seal first by buffing the surface of the nail til it’s all scratched up, and then soak with 100% acetone soaked cotton wool with tin foil wrapped around for 10 mins (can also soak fingers directly in the acetone if you have those nail trays?) The gels then come straight off with an orange stick.

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