Lactofree Cheeseburgers for #SayYesToSummer

This month’s Lactofree challenge was to create a recipe using one of the Lactofree cheese products. I had the cream cheese and their mature cheddar to try. Since it’s nearing the end of the Summer we thought we’d go with a BBQ vibe and make some mega burgers, you know how much we love burgers, so it was the obvious choice! Here’s my recipe and my thoughts on the Lactofree cheese. These were the toppings that I went for: Lactofree Mature Cheddar, red and green chillies and little cherry tomatoes.

Lactofree Mature Cheddar Recipe Chilli Cheeseburgers

Whilst the burgers were grilling I melted a little bit of butter in a frying pan and then fried the chillies and sliced tomatoes, this softens them up and helps the chilli hotness come out.


Once the burgers were almost finished, I popped on slices of Lactofree Mature Cheddar, I had no idea how this was going to perform and was pleased to see that it melted normally and as quickly as a regular cheese would. I finished the burgers but topping them with the chillies and tomatoes and a couple of rashers of fried streaky bacon, ketchup and French’s mustard.


The cheese was just as tasty as any mature cheddar that you’d buy on the high street and was just as easy to cook with, so overall you’ll not loosing anything by going Lactofree with it.

If you want to discover more about Lactofree and their recipes, check out their website.

Have you tried Lactofree? 

What’s your favourite burger topping?

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