Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Review: Zombettie, Blue Moon and Purple Poison

It’s been a while since I found a new beauty brand that I have gotten really excited about, Pretty Zombie Cosmetics are one of them. I stumbled upon them on Instagram a few months ago as an alternative model I followed had snapped herself wearing one of the more outlandish colours, I was pretty excited when I found this brand of epic lip colours! They’ve just landed on my beloved CutECOsmetics website in the UK, the first place in the UK to stock this brand, so now that they are easy to get hold of I was excited to give these three shades a whirl.

20140710_160951For a small, independent brand it’s not a surprise to see that the packaging is simple and feels very handmade. It’s a classic lipgloss type tube with a doe foot applicator which for some mental reason I haven’t photographed, bad beauty blogger. Each is stickered with the little pin up zombie girl logo and the colour name in horror inspired font. They aren’t perfectly packaged but that adds to the charm for me.

How exciting are these colours!?


Here they are swatched on my hand I adore every single shade, they are just gorgeous! The application is very similar to Lime Crime Velvetines and other liquid to matte lip paints that are knocking about now. The doe foot applicator is just fine for applying with but you might want to use a lip brush to be more precise. Cue shitty looking beauty blogger fist shot….


But really, you want to see what they look like on my actual face, cue slightly weird lighting mobile phone selfies. I know, I’m a bad blogger, I ain’t got time for anything more swish right now. Oh well. The weird natural light has done something weird with my face, I need a Instagram filter to sort this lot out, but for now, have a peek…


Purple Poison is my favourite from this selection, it reminds me of Illamasqua ESP but much more vibrant and more matte. Unfortunately wasn’t very food or kiss proof when I tested it and ended up looking like I had mauled a blackberry bush with my mouth. I need to investigate some methods to make this stay in play. The colour does stain the lips and for most things it would stay put, but if you’re planning on eating pizza and/or snogging maybe use with caution.20140722_162813

Zombettie is their classic, vintage red it’s darker than Lime Crime Red Velvet and I love the shade, it’s warm and gorgeous. This one hasn’t have the eating/kissing test yet, wish me luck!


Blue Moon is one of the more risque shades from the line up, but I think I can pull it off with my hair colour and the rest of my make up simple, again this one needs smooch testing, I wonder if Miz will be ready for that one?

Overall, I love them, I’m a bit sad that the purple didn’t stay put during eating, but I think I might be able to solve that with some powdering and lip pencil adjustments, I’ll update you when I’ve tried it. At £13.50 at CutECOsmetics I think that’s reasonable and you get plenty of product for your money, definitely worth a try!

Have you tried Pretty Zombie Cosmetics yet? 

What’s your favourite matte lip colour? 

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3 thoughts on “Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Review: Zombettie, Blue Moon and Purple Poison

  1. Oh dear god I need them all. ok, I don’t think I could pull off the blue like you can, but the rest? GET ON MY FACE.

  2. Of course you can pull off blue lips, why am I even surprised?! The purple looks amazing with your hair 🙂

    Gem x | flutter and sparkle

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