Bouffe Dry Spray Volumising Hair Spray for All Hair Colours

Here’s a brand new product on the market for you today, Bouffe Dry Spray. It launched in August exclusive to Boots and claims to be a brand new category in hair styling. This isn’t a dry shampoo, it’s a dry spray! Although it has very similar properties to a dry shampoo and can be used in the same way, this beauty also does a lot more too.

DSC_4059 (1024x681)Inspired by the bouffant hair style that was made famous by Marie Antoinette in the 18th Century, Bouffe is all about creating volume whether that be for creating a boost to a up do, improving the appearance of thin, limp hair or just to help maintain a blow dry. The Bouffe that I’ve been trying out is a clear version of the product, but they have also released a range designed towards specific hair shades too which means you can use them to conceal root regrowth, which I think is one of the most useful selling points of this range.

DSC_4060 (1024x681)How pretty is the bottle? Anyway, it’s a aerosol the same as a dry shampoo in the first instance, but unlike dry shampoo is doesn’t have the dry, chalky texture that can so often dull hair. The brand describes the texture as a candy floss texture which I feel is quite accurate, it’s slightly sticky like hairspray (which helps keep hair styles in place) and it has a translucent quality that allows your hair to keep its shine too. You use it just as you would a dry shampoo too, just spray on and then brush or massage through to boost the roots.

Personally, I’m a bit crap at hair styling and don’t often use a lot of product so I’m probably not the best person to give an opinion on this product. For me, I did find it gave a volume boost and freshen hair slightly, better than dry shampoo because you don’t have that powdery texture and dulling look. However, I think this product would be best used for prepping hair for up dos and before/during blowdrying to help keep hair styles looking big and beautiful. I’m sure lots of girls will find this product a mega help.

I attempted some before and after pics with my limited hair styling skills, it’s not great, but I’m sure you’ll agree that you can see an instant root boost with very little effort.

DSC_4047 (1024x689)


DSC_4054 (1024x714)


Have you tried Bouffe? 

What’s your favourite way of adding volume to your hair? 

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2 thoughts on “Bouffe Dry Spray Volumising Hair Spray for All Hair Colours

  1. do you do dark red in bouffe

    1. Hi Lana, thanks for your comment. At the moment Bouffe don’t do a red shade, there are a few similar products that have launched recently as make up for touching up roots so maybe another one of those may have an option?

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