Gelato Burger at Gelato Gusto

Two things that I really love are really good ice cream and burgers, so when me and Miz spotted a Gelato Burger advertised at Gelato Gusto on Gardner Street in Brighton, as you’d expect we couldn’t really resist trying it out. This place it always busy and looks flawless, they’ve got a mega range of ice cream and sorbet in all sorts of flavours. Toblerone, Nutella, Sea Salt Caramel and Cookies and Cream to name a few that caught my attention. 20140820_135552


You can get cones and cups of the delicious soft, creamy gelato or if you’re feeling greedy/adventurous they do what they call a Gelato Burger, which is your choice of ice cream with sauce sealed inside a warm brioche bun with a special gadget that keeps the bun warm and the ice cream frozen. The gadget looks a bit like a toastie maker, but round to fit the bun in and it neatly seals the edges like a toastie too. Here it is in all it’s glory…


Take a bit and you get that awesome mix of super soft, sweet, warm brioche bread with a core of cold creamy gelato. We went for Chocolate Hazelnut flavour with chocolate sauce. The dough of the bread is very much like biting into a pain au chocolat if you don’t know the wonders of brioche yet. It’s pretty damn amazing, I’m not sure I could eat a full one to myself very well (especially with sensitive teeth), but it’s definitely something I’d have again and would recommend anyone passing by in Brighton to give it a go!


Have you guys been to Gelato Gusto? 

Ever had a Gelato Burger?

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3 thoughts on “Gelato Burger at Gelato Gusto

  1. Oh wow that looks and sounds amazing! mmmmm!

    Sophie x

  2. That has to be the most amazing invention I have seen in ages!

  3. OMG I just died a little! The level of yummyness has been exceeded XD
    I wonder if there’s a place like this near me. If not, I’ll have to put this travel idea in my bucket list. ♡

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