Introducing Peppermint Puff Jewellery

One of the things that I love about the internet is the way that you can easily find the niche community that suits your fancy, it’s through one of these communities (Black Milk Clothing) that I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Cassia, who recently launched her own jewellery brand, Peppermint Puff. The minute I saw her original website I was impressed, she’s done a super job of creating something slick and professional without much resource.

So, here’s a little something that Cassia gave to me that I wanted to share. First off, check out how adorable the gift wrapping is!


Here’s the super cute chunky, beaded necklace that Cassia made for me. I love it so much, nice bright colours and simple shapes look awesome with everything. The quality is superb and the presentation is just lovely. I’m seriously impressed. This girl has a bright future with her crafting I’m sure of it!


The rest of the Peppermint Puff collection is heavily inspired by Fairy Kei and Kawaii styles inspired by Japanese fashion. There’s tons of pastel shades and fruit, very cute and pretty. With each item being handmade you know you’re getting something unique each time. Here’s one of my fave things from her site at the moment…


So, if you’re looking for a new indie brand to support, check out the Peppermint Puff website and enjoy!

What do you think of Cassia’s brand? 

What’s your favourite indie brand find lately? 

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