Kiko Cosmetics Ace of Diamonds Lipstick and Lip Pencil Colour 27 Review

Ohhh how I love Kiko Cosmetics, everything I’ve ever tried is amazing and this is no exception. The latest collection from Kiko is inspired by Casino’s and Bond girls, which is reflected in the femme fatale shades and the playing card inspired packaging. Today, I’m reviewing my new favourite lipstick combo. I’m excited for Autumn because it means darker, sumptuous, richer shades are more acceptable and easier to pick up, whereas wearing these shades in the sun has the effect of looking goth, which is fine by me, it isn’t for everyone.

First off, check out the packaging, isn’t it pretty?


The packaging inside is significantly less exciting but for an affordable it doesn’t bother me. They have the playing card references on the pack but it’s nothing ground breaking or swishy, but that doesn’t really matter, because the product inside is what really matters.


These colours are such luscious, deep, dark berry shades I adore them! It’s burgundy in my mind. Both have a creamy texture which easily glides on without the need of a brush. It’s really comfortable to wear and the colour lasts really well. Isn’t it a gorgeous shade!? The pencil and lipstick are very close in textures, although I’d say the pencil has a more matte finish and the lipstick is more of a creamy finish, as a pairing they are long lasting and really pop!


I’ve worn this tons and I absolutely love it, a great shade for the Autumn and I’ve been wearing it casually and for the evening. Here’s a couple of Instagram looks in which I wore this shade so you can get a better idea.



 What do you think of this Kiko Cosmetics shade? 

What’s your favourite lipstick shade for the Autumn? 

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