Lucky Beach Burger, Brighton

So as you know since we’ve moved to Brighton we’ve been on the hunt for a burger that can beat some of our favourite places in London (namely MEATmission, Lucky Chip and Burger Bear), so far it seems that the Brighton trend is much more about local ingredients and having a British take on things, but we hadn’t found a good, juicy, dirty burger like we were used to in London until now.

This weekend, after continued research into the Best Burger in Brighton we were prompted to visit Lucky Beach, which is on the beach, believe it or not! A first glance it doesn’t look like much, you wouldn’t think it was much of a restaurant as it looks much like many of the bars that are in the arches along the main straight of Brighton beach.

However, we were pretty darn happy with the food discovery! Not only did we get to sit on the flipping beach to eat, we were greeted with just the sort of burger we’ve been looking for: juicy, messy to eat and crammed full of flavour and toppings.



I went for the El Diablo, because I just can’t resist a chilli burger. On this beauty you get two patties with their extra hot chilli butter, which was delicious. Not as spicy as the MEATmission Green Chilli Burger, but very tasty. Plenty of cheese and veg too, but the tastiest thing in this creation was the demi-brioche bun dotted with poppy seeds, it’s super soft but not soggy, just the right amount of sweet and just perfect. My only complaint is that my burgers weren’t big enough to fill the whole bun which meant I ended up with lots of spare bread. I think this was just testament to the fact that it’s all hand made though, as Miz’s burger didn’t have the same problem.



Oh man! The chips were just perfect, skin on fries with smoked aoioli, and a really decent portion for your money. Everything was tasty and the beach side location is a mega bonus. Everything came in good time, with excellent and friendly service and you can each for about £10 each, which is awesome. Drinks wise there isn’t the best selection of beer (we like craft beer and apparently this hasn’t caught on in a big way in Brighton just yet) but they do have a lovely selection of classic and original cocktails which are always a good alternative. Overall, I think we have another contender for the Best Burger in Brighton.

What’s your favourite burger place? 

Where’s the best burger in Brighton?

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