Pizza Express, Jubilee Place, Brighton Review

Pizza Express used to be my go to restaurant for an affordable and pleasant meal out, especially when I was an extremely fussy eater who was a bit difficult to cater to. Chain restaurants were my safety net, as once I’d been to one I always knew what to expect and what I would order on the menu. However, since branching out with my food I’ve not been to as many chain restaurants and mixed things up a bit and since Pizza Express was always such a safety blanket, I’ve not really been back since branching out, so when they invited me and Miz down to one of their Brighton restaurants I was excited to see how to performed now.

First up, we tried their Hugo cocktail, a blend of Prosecco, Elderflower, lime and mint, totally lush. I can’t really deal with Prosecco on its own, but this blend is lovely and refreshing and perfect for the Summer, I’d definitely recommend grabbing one whilst they are still on the menu.


My old choice of meal would be dough balls, followed by a pepperoni pizza and then and ice cream, but with the new, broader menu I thought I’d branch out. Me and Miz can’t resist a good tapas style sharing platter so we went for their Anti Pasti sharing starter and we were super impressed. Seriously, look at how delish this looks!

Sundried tomato’s, peppers, olives, mozzarella, warm garlic oil doused bread sticks and a selection of meat piled onto of a little rocket salad. Nom, nom, nom. Such good value too and mega tasty. Lovely shared between two, but would also work well with a larger group too. Just looking at this photo is making me want to return for this platter alone.


Main course? Well, Pizza of course! Although, you’re not limited to pizza there’s a good selection of salad, pasta and calzones too as well as three choices of pizza base now as well. I went for Fiorentina with spinach, black olives and a fried egg and Miz went for American Hot with pepperoni and hot green peppers (you can choose what sort of peppers you’d like). My pizza was the classic base, which is my preference it’s a good size and a slightly chunkier base, Miz had the Romana which is a super thin crispy base. Hungry yet?



Miraculously we managed to save room for dessert! Again, the menu has a good selection including the new Dolcetti desserts which are mini desserts served as a side to your choice of coffee or tea, that’s what Miz opted for alongside a Lemon Tart, which was essentially a mini Lemon Meringue Pie. I was greedy and had the Toffee Fudge Glory, which I’ve had many times before and now it’s even bigger!



Overall, mega impressed! Although I’d always rather support a local business or small brand, Pizza Express definitely has a lot to offer and if you want somewhere safe and perfect for a large group or family, I’d definitely recommend it. Plus, if you’re doing Orange Wednesday you can now get 2 for 1 at Pizza Express with the same code, so that’s an ideal way to make the most of that offer.

What do you think of Pizza Express? 

Where’s your go to easy food place? 

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1 thought on “Pizza Express, Jubilee Place, Brighton Review

  1. Pizza Express is deffo my go to place, I LOVE their menu! That cocktail sounds super yummy!

    Sophie x

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