Outfit Post: Black Milk Cat Leggings and Creeper T-Shirt

The Black Milk collection continues to grow and they have well and truly converted me to wearing leggings, in some ways. Obviously if you’re wearing Primark quality black leggings that are too small for you and you can see your knickers and even your cellulite through them, that’s totally not a good move. However, when you’ve got something amazing quality like Black Milk that fits awesomely, is the right length and fits on the waist with a good leg length and thick fabric that actually makes you feel awesome it’s quite different. I still don’t think leggings as trousers are acceptable on many people, so I’m still opting to wear mine with long tops that cover my arse, but I’m pretty amazed that I’m currently choosing leggings over other trousers more and more.

Anyway, here’s today’s outfit…

20141003_141136 (800x450)

I’m really struggling to find stuff that fits me at the moment as I’ve put weight on and I’m now in between sizes. This is the first time in my life that I’ve changed size so it’s pretty stressful finding that most of my clothes don’t fit anymore and I’m reluctant to buy loads of new stuff in case the weight gain is temporary. Either way, baggy tees and leggings are helping me through.

20141003_141154 (800x450)

The leggings are Limited Edition Black Milk called Who’s That Cat, they are super shiny thick nylon black leggings with cute cat character faces on them, very odd. I love them and they were my third ever Black Milk purchase. If you don’t know Black Milk already, you need to check them out, they are an amazing Australian cult fashion brand that does lots of geeky collaborations and limited edition nylon clothing.

20141003_141112 (800x450)

My t-shirt if a band tee from Southampton based punk band, Creeper. I saw them for the first time a few weeks ago at The Black Heart in Camden supporting Gnarwolves at their album release show. They are a very new band but already kicking arse, playing amazing shows and producing awesome songs (and merch) if you’re a fan of old school AFI, you should definitely check them out. If you don’t know who AFI are, never mind, just look at how cool the t-shirt is.

20141003_141136 (800x450)

20141003_143052 (800x450)

My new ring is a glitter resin 8-bit heart from Peppermint Puff, I love it! It’s so sparkly and it’s inspired me to have a go at making my own resin jewellery which will be up on my Etsy shop very soon! You can also check out the quality of the Black Milk leggings in this pic too. My green rucksack is from Route One and my glitter shades are old ASOS. I’m wearing beat up burgundy Converse which I’ve had for a VERY long time.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post. I know I’ve been slacking recently, I totes need to rediscover my blogging mojo. Watch this space for new newness coming soon, most likely in the form of rants about life. P.S Ignore my hair in these pics, I’m aware it’s in significant need of some TLC and a colour boost!

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  1. I LOVE your leggings and that 8-bit heart ring is just perfect <3


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